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Anyone had a pregnancy since having a Fenton's procedure?

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Lotster Tue 16-Sep-08 12:38:55

Hi all,

I'm 15 weeks preg with my second, and have posted before about my two Fenton's Procedures (perineal repair to remove scar tissue), and the upcoming c-section because of it so won't go in to it all again but had a question please..

Can someone who has had a Fenton's procedure and who has had another pregnancy since, let me know what you experienced as you got bigger and heavier?

I am wondering if my scar tissue and reduced stretchiness from the op will give me problems/pain as I put weight on? Have bought more wheatgerm oil for massage in case and am wondering whether to ust start using it?


Lotster Tue 16-Sep-08 12:58:37

p.s. sorry to post this twice (also on Childbirth) but wasn't sure where was most appropriate!


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