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Going on Maternity leave

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Shelli08 Mon 15-Sep-08 18:59:31

Hi im 32 weeks pg and due to go on maternity leave at 34 weeks, i work with behavioural children as a teaching assistant and feel absolutely shattered but i feel guilty leaving so early as many mums dont leave until 2 weeks before their due date, does anyone think 34 weeks is too early to leave??

NorthernLurker Mon 15-Sep-08 19:00:49

34 weeks is totally reasonable! You have a demanding job - give yourself a break! No need to feel guilty, just enjoy!

EyeballsintheSky Mon 15-Sep-08 19:01:16

I left at 34 weeks. Unless you are superwoman you need that time to wind down and forget about work before you start on the next challenge

Congrats and good luck

feedmenow Mon 15-Sep-08 19:01:17

No, I think it is just fine! If you can go from 28 weeks and you are hanging on another 6 then don't worry! Do what you feel comfortable with and enjoy it!!!

titmouse Tue 16-Sep-08 10:03:21

I haven't worked out the day I can leave from yet, but I am going to leave as early as I can, because I travel quite a long way by bus every day (up to 2 hours) and I have been getting travel sick since I've been pregnant!!
Roll on, maternity leave....

Blondie79 Tue 16-Sep-08 10:07:21

I'm pregnant with my third and I've learned from past experience - so I am thinking 'sod it' and am going on my maternity leave at 32 weeks! And my job doesn't sound as demanding as yours. Remember you've got to do whats right for you! Take Care.

LittleGreenBean Tue 16-Sep-08 10:10:00

I know exactly what you mean - it's my last week at work this week (and I’m 35+4) but because I’m feeling pretty ok at the moment, I feel a little bit of a fraud finishing with still 4 more weeks to go... Especially when speaking to people who worked up until about 2 weeks before their due date!

On the other hand, my employer makes you get a doctor's note to prove you’re fit to continue working if you want to stay on beyond 36 weeks pg, so that makes me feel better. Also, the last two people who had babies at work ended up being early, and the last one left at 36 weeks, finishing on the Friday, then had the baby on the following Tuesday! shock

Definitely don’t feel bad about having this time off! smile

MimieD Tue 16-Sep-08 10:21:46

I'm 33+1 and today is my last day! grin I'm taking 2 and half weeks annual leave before starting my official maternity leave.

I have an hour commute into work and am soooo happy I did it for the last time this morning. Jubilee line tube is just so busy.

Why feel quilty about leaving early? If I would stay longer I would not be very productive as I'm really exhausted, leaving earlier also means you come back earlier so all in all there is no difference... Start looking forward to your leave and plan lots of time for yourself!

flowerybeanbag Tue 16-Sep-08 10:26:01

34 weeks is an excellent time to leave. I have lost count of the number of times I've seen women push it as far as they possibly can, to 37, 38, 39 weeks, and then immediately they stop work, baby arrives - no time to put feet up, wind down, sort out house etc

Now that you get a full year's holiday entitlement as well as maternity leave, there's no reason to hang on til the last minute anyway.

PinkyDinkyDooToo Tue 16-Sep-08 10:59:40

I left at 34 weeks with DS2, and it was just right for me. I only worked P/T in a not very demanding job either. Everyone at work thought I was leaving early as the two before me had left practically as their babies popped out.

Don't push yourself. Everyone tries too haard to be superwoman these days

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