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Plus size maternity non-traditional wedding dress--where to go near Warrington/Manchester/Liverpool/Chester?

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sarah76 Mon 15-Sep-08 12:00:56

Ok, so this is my second time down the aisle and I've never been one for big fluffy white dresses anyway! To further complicate the matter, I am normally a size 20-22 depending on the shape of the dress, and I will be about 24 weeks pregnant at my wedding on 3rd Jan 09. I'm 5'3" and already apple shaped as it is.

What I'm looking to do is scope out some nice maternity cocktail/evening/formal dresses and then perhaps try to get one off ebay. However, if I found something in the shops under £100 I might consider buying new. I'd also be up for hiring a dress.

Soooo.....can people think of any shops in the Warrington/Manchester/Liverpool/Chester area that are decent bridal shops (I'd look at getting a bridesmaid dress), or regular shops with a decent range of maternity formal/evening/occasion wear in my size? I realise it's a tall order, but I haven't been up here long and figure locals might have some better ideas than I'll get on the internet!

The wedding is in a registry office and is going to be fairly low key, DP wearing a regular suit, so I don't want to go too over the top.

Any suggestions gratefully received, I will be starting my reconnaissance mission this week!

busymum1 Mon 15-Sep-08 22:12:11

mrsgboring Tue 16-Sep-08 11:20:06

Try charity shops. Seriously, the posh ones have some nice stuff, you can often get big sizes. I don't know your area, but go to the city centre and posh bits to find the shops with the good stuff (other shops send off the evening wear stuff to where they think it will be bought) With the money you save you could find a local dressmaker who could do alterations for you, or buy some really nice accessories.

hedgepig Tue 16-Sep-08 11:44:33

Hi Sarah I went to my brothers wedding in the summer and just wore a regular floaty dress from Ann Harvey I was 28 weeks at the time. So it may be worth a look in there I expect they have their winter collection in at the moment so would be more party type dresses. You'd have to pick the style to suit but it would be worth a look.

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