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I just need a bit of support

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Jael Fri 12-Sep-08 15:41:34

I had a scan 2 weeks ago, where they couldn't find any sign of pregnancy, and thought it may be a chemical pregnancy,as i was getting positive tests at home, they scheduled me in for another scan, which was today. By my dates I was due to be 7 weeks tomorrow. I've been having ALOT of very bad pains and cramps, so I was expecting the worse. The sonographer found the baby,and I saw it's heart beating, however she said as it was so tiny it only measures at 5 weeks. I'm not confused about the dating, as I know I probably ovulated later as I have longer cycles than 28 days. I'm just so worried, the pain I've been getting is so bad, It's stopping me from sleeping at night, and all the hospital says it is, is ligaments growing. The pain makes me cry sometimes, it's worse than period pains. I'm scared I'm going to lose the baby.

TheUnsinkableMB Fri 12-Sep-08 15:45:58

Don't have any experience of this, just wanted to send (((hugs)))

Hopefully it is just a case of dates being mixed up or something.
Its surely a good sign if there's a heartbeat though.

fryalot Fri 12-Sep-08 15:46:12


What you have to focus on is that they found a heartbeat, there is a baby, it is alive. If it wasn't, then there would have been no sign of a heart beating.

It was good news.

It is always going to be worrying, especially when you have unexplained pains and you are not sure about anything, especially something so important as dates.

There is, however, nothing else that you can do and worrying yourself into a frenzy is going to do nobody any good.

Congratulations, you are pregnant! Try to relax and enjoy it.

I don't have any advice re: pains I'm afraid but listen to your midwife/sonographer, they are the experts.

1wish Fri 12-Sep-08 15:57:22

Hi I just wanted to offer my support and i fully understand your fears. I also had an early scan earlier this week due to really bad cramps on one side (which i'd been having for about a week). When they did the scan they said i was only 6 weeks 3 days when i thought I was nearly 8 weeks.

I can understand what you are going through, and would just like to say that my pains have now subsided (touch wood) When I spoke to my friend about this, she said she had needed an early scan for the exact same reason, and had been in absolute agony (her ds is now nearly 2)

So it could be the case that it really is your ligaments stretching and if theres no bleeding that must be seen as a positive sign.

If the pain is getting worse please don't hesitate to contact your doctor or the early pregnacy unit, they will be only to happy to help you smile

MLWfirsttimemum Fri 12-Sep-08 16:09:47

I had quite a lot of 'period' pain at the beginning of my pregnancy but because my mother had had it too I was (a bit but) not too worried. The period pains went at about 3 months. I am still pregnant (now 26 weeks) with a healthy baby girl. I hope it works out like that for you too, try not to worry too much, although it is difficult, I know!

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