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2nd pregnancy....what might be different this time around?!?

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mieowcat Fri 12-Sep-08 12:38:31

Im 5wks pregnant with baby 2. My dd is only 7.5 months old (eek!) and i was wondering what will be different and how i will feel about it all. Im imagining I will be less anxious about every little twinge.
my last preganacy was perfect apart from experiencing painful Carpal tunnel syndrome from around month 7.
Experiences and thought welcome, thanks MNers!! x

happyathome Fri 12-Sep-08 12:56:09

congrats MIEOWCAT.I'm 22 weeks now.1st DD is 6.Had a lot of creaks and groans and not enjoying PG as much this time,just want baby out and my body back so i've got energy/strenght/flexibility to look after DD properly again.Bump a lot bigger,sooner.More bloatedness,pelvis pain,heartburn(like i had at 30 odd weeks last time).In retrospect i would have built up my fitness prior to pg OR EARLY pg(AM A COUCH TAT).Less sleep as DD gets ill,so double waking and less comfy in bed then last time.
You may be totally different to me though and absolutely love it/sail through it.So see these replies as foresight not as a given.
PG quicker this time too,as got DD to concentrate on and bodily changes not as scary.Can't be too bothered to do tum photos e.t.c. but in hindsight,wish i'd done diary/photos more with DD and not done a diary much this will do ,as may regret laziness later.Also don't have pre-bump photo,so i'd do one now if i were you.
A LOT more anxious and looking towards birth with dread(bit blaze last time)
More confident to grill midwifes and not let pros intimidate me.
good luck and hope it goes smoothly

elkiedee Fri 12-Sep-08 12:59:24

I'm still quite anxious second time round. My sickness is following a different pattern, last time it never really went away completely, this time it's eased off but I had a really sore throat last night which felt like the acid which made me sick later on is coming back (just over 20 weeks).

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