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still bleeding after d&c

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evie78 Fri 12-Sep-08 10:25:39

Hi all can anyone give me advice? I had a d and c 11 days ago I was 8weeks pregnant I ahd this as the pregnancy was not developing as it should.
I am still bleeding but not as heavy as a period but it seems to be getting darker in colour rather than lighter the first few days it was next to nothing and really light in colour I dont feel unwell so I dont think its an infection can anyone advise me on how long this will last for? thank you

Pooky73 Fri 12-Sep-08 11:26:29

Evie - firstly am so sorry for your loss... I had an ERPC at 11 weeks after I lost mine 3 weeks ago, and I bled for 13 days after... At the beginning it was heavier, then got lighter, then spotted, then went to light etc... Spoke to the doctor about it as I too was worried - but aparently it's perfectly normal to bleed for a while. He wasn't unduly concerned unless I'd been bleeding for longer than 3 weeks (!), in pain, smelly discharge, burning wee, or a fever. So I don't know if that's any help other than if your worried - go see your GP & he/she should be able to reassure you.
Take care of yourself - I hope that you are doing ok otherwise & are relaxing and finding comfort... xxx

evie78 Fri 12-Sep-08 11:56:54

thank you pooky73 if its still the same next week i,ll go to see my GP! sorry for your loss too its not nice is it! my emotions are up and down like a roller coaster and if anyone else says to me "its one of these things" or how lucky I am to have children already" i'll scream its still a loss no matter what your circumstances.
take care of yourself xx

raggyboo Sat 13-Sep-08 14:45:25

Hello,I too had a erpc 13 days ago and I am still bleeding, like you it's been light then spotting then seems to have got heavier and now lighter, I'm not in pain and I feel well. Hopefully it will sort itself out soon.

lixanismapolium Wed 15-Oct-08 15:42:03


I had my erpc 15 days ago now and am still bleeding. Not really in any pain, but the bleeding does get quite heavy at times.

I was thinking of going to the Dr when it gets to 3 weeks.

TheBlonde Wed 15-Oct-08 15:47:05

I would go and see the doc now
Sometimes people may need a second ERPC/D&C

berri Thu 16-Oct-08 17:17:41

I wouldn't worry too much - I had a D&C at 11 wks but baby had only grown to 6 wks. I bled for about 3 weeks and was on the verge of going back when it finally started to get lighter and eventually stopped.
The dark brown colour is a good sign - it means it's old blood so everything is healing up. My doc said you only need to worry if you continue to bleed bright red blood.
I hope you're feeling ok, I'm sorry for your loss.
I was pregnant again after 6 weeks, so only 3 weeks after the bleeding stopped.

yema Sun 19-Oct-08 02:07:57

I just found out yesterday that my baby died at 8 wks. Right now I am @15 wks. I did my first sonogrom @8wks and we heard the baby's heart beat. Since then we didnt do any sonograom. I was very shocked to find out this late that the baby was dead. What surprises me that I have no bleeding for this long.Im still in shock;this wouldve been our first baby. Im supposed to hve the d&c done on Tuesday. Im scared and anxious. Id appreciate any advice. thank you.

Glimmer Sun 19-Oct-08 04:52:03

Hi Yema. I am very sorry for your loss. About 1/4 of all miscarriages are "missed". i.e. there is no bleeding for a long time. I had one of them and remember being very numb in the first time. It is a huge shock and you will grieve for what you have lost. This might or might not be of any help to you (it wasn't helpful for me), but the majority of women will have a normal pregnancy after a miscarriage. Unfortunately, miscarriages are quite common, it's just that many women do not talk about it. There is a "miscarriage thread", where you will get lots of support.

lilysmummy2007 Sun 19-Oct-08 04:59:16

check this out i would go to the gp as it says if bleeding increases that you should have it checked out, sorry for you loss.

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