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Period or pregnant??

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jade1978 Thu 11-Sep-08 22:47:59

Sorry to post a new topic if this thread already exists but just wanted some advice. Already have 4 children so should know it all by now!!
My period was 2 days late this month, did preg test but was negative, when had period was heavy for first 2 days then diminshed to almost nothing for 3 days before stopping, my periods normally 7 days 4 heavy. Ive had loads of headaches recently and my tummy has popped out, (pops out early subsequent pregnancies) I will do a test in a couple of days but just wondered it anyone had had what they thought was a period and then turned out to be pregnant.

whatawally Fri 12-Sep-08 09:00:32

Hiya, I had this in november of last year, not a happy outcome for me i'm afraid (ended in missed m/c). But dont be worried about that. Just wanted to say that you could be pg.

Tho I didn't do a test at the time as I wrote it of as a weird af and didn't find out till december I was pg.

Hope that helps

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