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Urine Infection - please help

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mum2bagain Thu 11-Sep-08 14:11:56

I had a midwife appointment yesterday. I'm 38 weeks btw and when she dipped my sample she said she thinks I have a water infection, but would send it off for testing and I they would get in touch if I needed treatment. Yesterday I felt fine but I was up every hour in the night for a pee last night. Today I have quite a lot of backache and an uncomfortable feeling in my lower abdomen. I really would have thought that if a water infection is suspected, I would have been prescribed antibiotics without waiting for the sample to be tested, which could be 4 days. I'm thinking I do have one and presume in 4 days time it will be a lot worse and could turn into something more sinister. Would it be wise to see if I can see my GP today and get her advice? thanks

Pinkmist Thu 11-Sep-08 14:21:57

hey, I had terrible reuccuring water infections in my last pregnancy and my midwife never spotted them. Ended up in out of hours drs 4 times in as many weeks as it would not clear up. I would def suggest going to your doc, as they can check there and then, and will give you a prescription.
Don't try and ride it out as I did, as I ended up stuck in my mil's bath for 3 hours in tears as io was far too sore to get out and everyone had gone out.
Please get it sorted today!

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