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41..... 4 children but I want more!!!

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Fizzylady Thu 11-Sep-08 11:33:00

Hi again everyone!
I have been scouring these message boards and I'd really like to chat to other older Mums like me who keep thinking they want more.
I have two teens, 16 and 14 then a 2 year old and baby of 5 month with my husband now.

Second time round is such a lovely thing for me.
I work from home and obviously I am very tired brestfeeding through the night but still I harbour thoughts of one more babe!

Anyone feeling like me?

roquefortlover Thu 11-Sep-08 12:16:04

Hello fizzylady! There are a few of us older ones around...I am 41 and ttc no. 4 at the moment, I have 3 children aged 11, 9 and 3! We always said 3 were enough btu after an accidental pg earlier this year changed our mind. Sadly that one did not work out and I have had one more mc since but giving it another go!

I know what you mean about just one more - in some ways I think I will always want one more, and I too am exhausted looking after the current 3, but one thing that has helped me decide about having another is that i now know I love having lots of children not just babies iyswim.

Sorry to ramble on...if you are interested I am on 2 threads you might like to look at, both in "Conception". They are TTC for fab 40+ and Anyone mad enough to ttc no.4 - or something like that - sorry am rubbish at links but they are easy to find and everyone is very friendly grin!

Speak soon,


Fizzylady Thu 11-Sep-08 13:22:43

Hi thanks so much for making me feel better!
My Mum has said she'll disown me and as we are close I feel I cant confide in her how I feel.
I think hubby knows very well how I feel as I keep making excuses for not chucking out my maternity clothes.
I had two MC's before my 2 year old and hubby and I thought we wouldnt be able to have a babe together.
Now I think it was the long gap and the bod getting used to it again!
I do worry about my age though both in terms of fitness for pregnancy and also the obvious problems that can occur.
I'll check out your other thread!
Lovely to chat
Sylvie x

coolj Thu 11-Sep-08 14:17:56

Hi ladies, Roquefortlover, you could be me. Im 41, have an 11, 9 and 3 yo and am pregnant again with no4. Wow.

This preg wasnt planned and I was in total shock when I found out but am slowly getting used to the idea now. I too am a bit worried about my age etc, but I suppose things happen for a reason eh.

Being a childminder Im used to juggling children of all ages so baby no4 will just fit in with everyone else. Its so nice to have a house filled with laughter.

Good luck to you both with your families.

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