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Placenta grade 3 + Small abdominal circumference

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firsttimer08 Thu 11-Sep-08 08:26:16

I am 34 weeks and I had an ultrasound yesterday for the baby's kidneys, while they look normal now, looking back at the report (the sonographer didn't say anything to me), I find that I have a placenta grade 3 and the baby's abdomenal circumference is very small. The sonographer didn't tell me whether I need to be worried or not about it, but from my search on the internet, this could be a worrying sign of fetal growth retardation. Grade 3 placenta is apparantely seen normally at 40 weeks, so it seems my baby might not be getting enough nutrients.

Has anyone else been detected with any of these i.e. grade 3 or small abdominal circumference? I was not told of any follow-up scans either, but am extremely worried now. The midwifes are uncontactable, so i am thinking of going to see the GP to understand the report a bit better and maybe they can refer me to a consultant if need be. As I understand if the placenta is grade 3, then they prefer to induce the baby earlier than 40 weeks.

Also does anyone know what the estimated fetal weight means? Is it the weight now at the time of the scan or the weight expected at 40 weeks?

Any information/ advice would be really appreciated. thanks !

castille Thu 11-Sep-08 08:53:11

I had this with my 3rd.

I wasn't give a Grade for the placenta, but his abdominal circumerence was small and he didn't grow at all after about 35 weeks, so I was induced at 38 weeks due to placenta failure and IUGR. I was scanned very regularly once the problem was identified and I'm surprised you aren't under closer surveillance. In your situation I'd call the GP if the midwives still aren't contactable, and try to get a referral to an obstetrician.

My DS was a small 5lb 11oz at birth, but caught up very fast and is now a normal sized, healthy 25-month-old.

BTW estimated fetal weight is the baby's weight at the time of the scan, but is only a guide and can be WAY off so don't take too much notice of it.

cathym Thu 11-Sep-08 10:28:40

My daughter was 4lb 7oz at full term! The one thing I learnt from my experience is that its often the case (but I assume not always) that if you think there is a problem it will only get looked at if you push someone to help.

With my daughter I felt that my midwife wasn't taking the problems seriously so I rang the hospital myself, explained the situation, and got an appointment with a consultant that way. You should be able to do that and it will be quicker than going via your GP. I ended up having my consultant appointment, a scan, and a c-section, all without my midwife knowing anything about it! On the positive side though, they are going to be monitoring me a lot more closely this time.

If it does look as though the baby will be small don't worry too much, they usually catch up fairly quickly, you just have to spend most of your life feeding them.

firsttimer08 Thu 11-Sep-08 10:28:53

thanks for the info. reall appreciate it. I know they didn't say anything, so maybe i am worrying unecessarily. thanks for the tip on asking the gp to refer me. I'm going to do that today - so hopefully i can be satisfied on how things are looking. the amniotic fluid levels were fine though, so maybe that is why they are less worried, as apparently low amniotic fluid are another indicator of possible growth slowdown.

firsttimer08 Thu 11-Sep-08 10:44:52

thanks cathym. I'll try the direct hospital route (if i'm not satisfied with the gp this evening). Although last time i called them for something, they hung up on me - don't seem to have much patience there !

firsttimer08 Fri 12-Sep-08 08:22:00

well no luck at the gp's - they didn't even glance at the placenta grade 3. I mentioned that it means that its aged prematurely and was just told its right for the gestation ! [which is not what even the academic articles state !].

About the abdomen being small i was told that since its within the 5th and 95th percentile its all ok.

so basically not very satisfactory and i expect the midwife will be the same.

am thinking of booking myself in for a private scan to set my mind at ease.

BeachBunni Fri 12-Sep-08 10:58:54

Definately go to the hospital rather than the gp's, they might want to do a doppler flow or monitor you with extra scans. I had the same thing although the IUGR was picked up at 27 wks. My placenta started packing in and stopped working by 34 wks at which time I had to have a c-section straight away. Ds was born very small, under the 2nd centile but is now a healthy almost 1yr old measuring average for his corrected age.

The good thing about the body is when the placenta starts to mature prematurely it compensates by sending all the goodness to growing the brain, the most important organ. Which is why you usually find the abdomen measuring smaller than the head.

Good luck

cathym Fri 12-Sep-08 11:06:02

Do you know where between the 5th and 95th centile it is? I think you are right to follow this up and make sure you get it checked out, but if it was on the 5th centile its probably not too bad. My daughter was born well below the 0.4th centile and was full term shock

firsttimer08 Fri 12-Sep-08 14:49:56

oh 0.4 centile is low. Ours looks like about 15-20 centile from the table - maybe i'm over-reacting. The gp said as long as its between 5th and 95th its all ok, but i didn't blv her.

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