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Sore bump at 37 weeks

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buttercupbabe Wed 10-Sep-08 18:17:43

I've noticed for about the last week a soreness in my bump to the right of my belly button which has steadily got worse. It definately feels muscular almost like pressure under the skin. Anyone else had this? Is it just baby running out of room and stretching me beyond my limits!?!

mum2bagain Wed 10-Sep-08 18:55:09

I'm 38+2 and have had similar pain quite a few times. It comes and goes, but some days worse than others. It feels muscular to me me too, mine is just above my belly button and seems to get worse when I've been doing a lot, i.e. cleaning etc. It's like a pulled muscle feeling but with a bit of a stinging sensation. It's hard to explain, but sounds similar to yours. I think were so far along now that any heavy housework is going to strain our bellies. Unfortunately, I'm not one for sitting still and taking it easy so I'm gonna have to put up with till he comes out. I hope you feel better soon.

buttercupbabe Wed 10-Sep-08 19:47:16

Actually I've had a pretty busy day with housework - probably overdone it. I also can't sit still!

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