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Bebe Confort Loola Up

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Kerri1983 Wed 10-Sep-08 10:30:42

Hiya, anyone bought this pram and would like to share their experience with me.

I quite like it but can't find any reviews etc.

shortshafe Wed 10-Sep-08 10:45:11

Hi, I had this for dd in 2006.

I loved the fact that it folds so small, that the seat faces forwards or backwards, and that the car seat clicks onto it really easily.

BUT it is really heavy, and when dd was about 9 months or so I sold it on ebay as it was just too heavy to push for long. The shopping basket bit is really hard to get to and tiny too.

I also thought it was expensive, there used to be loads of good ones on ebay though, so that might be worth a look.

cali Wed 10-Sep-08 10:54:53

I bought one for dd2 as big pram we had for dd1 wasn't practical as needed a decent pushchair that went in car.

I love my Loola for several reasons.

1. Very easy to fold up/down

2. Folds up small (fits easily in our clio and can still get shopping bags in beside it)

3. Can face forwards and backwards.

4. Easy to steer, although I think some people have found it difficult to steer one handed, I haven't as can still hold dd1's hand.

5. CosyToes is lovely, thick and well padded, dd2 always looks so comy in it.

She is now a year and I have no plans to get rid of my loola,

Only minus points on our model are

1. It is a pretty hefty pushchair

2. Shopping basket is a bit useless - due to cross bar access is difficult.

However, decent changing bag clips on to handles and you can easily hang shopping bags from the handles without worrying that pushchair will fall over.

Think there is a newer version out now, sure I saw it in JL and it appeared to have a better shopping basket.

It's cheaper than a bugaboo and you can still get carrycot and car seat on the chassis.

cali Wed 10-Sep-08 11:01:36

sorry have just realised that you were asking about new loola, mine is not the loola up (bought it last year) but it was the one I saw in JL.

It seems to be similar, only differences I can remember were it now has a single handle and the shopping basket has improved.

Claireykitten Wed 10-Sep-08 11:10:03

We bought this for DS when he was 12 weeks as I wanted a smaller lighter pushchair and it was the WORST purchase ever. I agree that the footmuff is fantastic as is the change bag but the pushchair itself is very heavy when folded and not easy to lift. The main reason I ended up selling ours was because the UP model has adjustable suspension on it and this means that when you pull the pushchair backwards the back wheels 'splay' outwards to the point that you cant pull it any further and I started to feel it would nt be long before they snapped and that was with a 5 month old in it so I would imagine it would only get worse the older your child gets.

shortshafe Wed 10-Sep-08 22:33:22

ooops, obviously mine is the old model, not the new model (didn't realise they'd brought a new one out. blush

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