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any experts on conception to help me know my due date is correct?

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mad4mybaby Wed 10-Sep-08 08:28:59

Ok firstly i know it isnt particulary important but im not convinced my dates are correct and was just wondering what anyone else thought. Im currently 29+1 with #2.

When i was pg with ds1 i 'knew' the dates werent right and i said from day dot the day he would be born and i did actually go into labour that said day and he was born at 38 weeks.

Ill now bore you with details. I came off pill nov last year (but didnt start trying for baby at that point) and my periods came on days 28,33, and 30 in jan this year. We then started 'trying' 9 days after that period. This is where it gets odd, my next period end of feb was very wierd. It took about a week for me to actually come on properly. I came on properly on day 28 so MW are using 19th feb as LMP hence giving me due date of 25th nov. After that 'period' we bd more regularly and i did tests at end of march and were positive.

Went to gp and i said i wasnt sure of the date because of that very strange period that i dont count as a true period so she sent me for an early scan when i wouldve been 7 weeks (by lmp date) it wasnt a very clear scan and the sonographer said puts me around 6-7 weeks. Cutting long story short that was then set in stone my lmp 19th and due 25th nov.

My 12 week and 20 week scan put me measuring in the right size for these dates and at 26 week check i measured 26cms. I know all of this says they are right of my dates but something in back of my head isnt convinced. I feel further along too, what do you think the chances are that i am actually a bit ahead and the baby is just measuring bigger?

Sorry for rant but its a niggle i cant get rid of!

mad4mybaby Wed 10-Sep-08 13:32:47

went to MW today and im measuring a week bigger but i know that doesnt mean a great deal.


hanaflower Wed 10-Sep-08 13:36:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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