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Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

(7 Posts)
threekidsareyoumad Tue 09-Sep-08 12:12:45

I am 39 weeks pregnant with 3rd and am not able to rest / sleep properly because of dead arms and fingers caused by irritating late pregnancy condition CTS - it only goes away when I stand up and the blood runs down my arms...anyone suffered this or got any tips (other than giving birth!)

lauraloola Tue 09-Sep-08 12:53:10

I had this from 37 weeks, it got loads better after dd was born but didnt go until she was 6 weeks old. I mentioned it to the midwife and she said theres no point doing anything this late!

I used to put a pillow next to me and rest my arm on it. I also used to just hold my arms in the air when I was in bed to get the blood down then it was ok for me to get back to sleep.

I think your GP can give you a wrist support, I kept meaning to go to a sports shop to get a normal on but never got round to it.

Dragonbutter Tue 09-Sep-08 12:54:45

a tubigrip can help keep the swelling down.
double it over and cut out a hole for your thumb. i used to wear them at night.

LeonieD Tue 09-Sep-08 14:36:52

Message withdrawn

threekidsareyoumad Tue 09-Sep-08 15:04:04

LeonieD what are braces? Are they like wrist support things? As I type / drive / brush my children's hair / read or do anything other than shake my hands they are dead and it is driving me mad!

LeonieD Tue 09-Sep-08 16:24:45

Message withdrawn

fryalot Tue 09-Sep-08 16:31:35

I had those wrist support things when I had it when pg with dd2, and they helped a bit, my gp referred me to the hospital and they were "fitted" the same afternoon (when I say fitted, the nurse put them on, velcroed them together and said "there you go grin")

Mine went just about straight away after I had had her and I never got it back when I became pg with ds.

Twas very uncomfortable when I had it though.

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