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Back and hip pain

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Floridagirl Sun 07-Sep-08 22:43:20

Hi all - am hoping for a bit of advice as to whether to bother my doctor / midwife about this, any help would be great!

I am currently 21+5 and I am getting a lot of pain in my lower back and hips. It's worse in the evening and at night, when I keep moving it's not as bad but as soon as I stop and sit down for a while I am in agony when I get back up, and it takes me a good few minutes to start moving! I can't lie on my back in bed as it's just too painful, and when I lie on my side I usually get woken up by whichever hip I am lying on!

I was a size 16 before becoming pregnant, and I have put on about 12lb's so far, so not too far above the average! Should I make a doctors appt, or is this just normal pregnancy stuff and I have to grin and bear it? I work full time so unfortunately spending more time resting in bed is not really an option

TheHedgeWitch Sun 07-Sep-08 23:19:29

Message withdrawn

twoboots Sun 07-Sep-08 23:41:01

see if you can get a physio appointment, generally there should be a very short wait for antenatal physio

mabel1973 Mon 08-Sep-08 11:32:37

Hi I have suffered with this with all my pregnancies.
With DS1 i was referred for physio (although there's not a great deal they can do) and given a belt to wear which looks abit like a weight lifters belt! but supports your bump and takes some of the weight off your back.
They also prescribed co-codomol. I would definitely have a word with your midwife.

For what it's worth i didn't suffer so much with DS2, i think partly as i didn't put on so much weight, and partly because I had been doing pilates up until I got pregnant and I think that helped a great deal with my posture. Not much help for you now, but worth considering for any future pregnancies.

terf Mon 08-Sep-08 12:51:14

Hey Floridagirl, contact your midwife and let her know. I'm at the same stage in pregnancy as you and have backpain (although have had it from before pregnancy) - midwife should book you for an antenatal physio talk plus a one-to-one physio appt if you need it. Bed rest is normally not recommended these days for backpain - try swimming and pregnancy yoga/pilates - it really helped me. You can also buy those belly support belts online from Blooming Marvelous (I got mine from there) - you might not need one as yet if your belly isn't that big but I hear they're great for later.

MrsMattie Mon 08-Sep-08 12:54:33

See a physio before you embark on yoga/pilates/breast stroke swimming. SPD can be badly exacerbated by any exercise which involves pulling your legs apart.

thumbwitch Mon 08-Sep-08 12:58:03

Go and see a physio and get checked for SPD. If you don't get good results there then find an osteopath who is prepared to take you at that stage of pregnancy. I had osteopathy throughout my pregnancy, right up to week 41 (but I had been a regular prior to getting pregnant).

terf Mon 08-Sep-08 13:15:36

Agree wtih the prev two posters, only do any exercise After checking with physio!

yousaidit Mon 08-Sep-08 13:27:57

Hi, this is just like me! I'm now 35 wk and have had back and hip pain for about 6 wk, along with a fizzing or numb left thigh!!! The doctor confirmed it was pg relted and i got some exercise from physio but they don't do much. i was prescribed cocodamol but they didn't help, and then the doc told me that there is 'controversy' over damage cocodamol in higher doses can cause in later pg (very kindly the first doc didn't mention that!) so i've got a pain relief gel to use on my back which doesn't really do much. But I know what you mean, on a night when you really want to sit down and are knackered, when you get up after half an hour you just hobble round like an old lady. Only time i'm really comfy is in bed for a while, buteven now when i want to turn over in my sleep i usually wake up becauise of the pain!!! Enjoy the 'blooming' phase of pregnancy!!!!!

yousaidit Mon 08-Sep-08 13:29:58

Oh, i'm about an 18 -2o, so size might contribute, but i had nothing like this with 1st pg, and although i work pt time dd keeps me on my feet so i wouldn't worry about having to work ft: but if it's really bad see your doc for a sick note? I got one because my pt job was stuck at a desk with work rate monitored and i could never stay sat diown coz i was seizing up!!

Floridagirl Mon 08-Sep-08 17:38:28

Thanks for all the advice ladies - I will give my midwife a call in the morning and see what she says.

yousaidit - you are spot on there, hobbling round like an old lady definately sums it up!

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