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Frequent flying in early Pregnancy

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YummieMTB Fri 05-Sep-08 21:27:07

Hi - first time on mumsnet!

Just found out I was pregnant (must be about 7 or 8 weeks now) and have taken 15 short haul flights (max 3 hrs) in that time and due to take two 5 hr flights this week and 2 1hr flights the following week.

I've read that the increased radiation plus the strong magnetic field can be bad for the developing baby. Can anyone verify this, or know where to go to find out. Most sites only seem to have info about late pregnancy and flying.


EllieG Fri 05-Sep-08 23:08:23

welcome to MN! Not sure about flying - I thought the risk wasn't significant in early PG but someone will come along who properly knows in a bit.

Congrats on PG! smile

Mamazon Fri 05-Sep-08 23:10:37

I am sure you and baby will be fine but if you dont have to fly i would advise you not to.

My sister was Cabin crew and they were all told that they were not to fly as soon as they found out they were pregnant.

not sure where the info would be though.

Mamazon Fri 05-Sep-08 23:11:06


Hi Im mamazon by the way, welcome grin

Forensica Sat 06-Sep-08 00:09:58

I was reading about that and the radiation worry is mostly related to long flights close to the poles (to US from UK or so), since there you are much closer to the radiation source.

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