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not feeling sick anymore - worried - advice/reassurance would be great!!!

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Bicnod Fri 05-Sep-08 19:56:17

Hello - it's my first pregnancy and I'm 7+5. I was feeling REALLY sick for about a week and a half and puked on monday night, but since that I've been feeling only very faintly nauseous. Everyone kept telling me that feeling/being really sick was great as it meant I had high level of hormones/pregancy would be strong. Soooooo... now I'm really worried that there's something wrong. Hmmmmm... any advice?!! Thank you.

Eilatan Fri 05-Sep-08 20:08:20

Same thing happened to me, 2 days after Xmas and one day before my wedding, I was about 3 months and had been feeling as sick as a pike for for two and a half of those. This was coupled with the tinest bit of bleeding. I bawled my eyes out but eventually got it together to ring the MVs who listened in on their listening device and I heard the tiniest little heart beat which was magical. I felt a complete nob going to them saying I was worried that I didn't feel sick anymore but they were very kind. The next day I felt as sick as a pike again and did so till 5 months.

Don't stress, s/he's fine, hormones are just re-arranging themselves into another assault...enjoy not feeling sick and get checked over soon just to put your mind at ease.


pixsix Fri 05-Sep-08 20:12:36

Hey Bicnod, sorry you're worried.

I'm also expecting my first and felt sick from about 6 weeks but then suddenly felt almost completely better for a few days at around 8 weeks before my nausea came back.

Like you, I freaked out and was convinced that something was wrong but I'm 26+5 now and the baby is kicking away as I type this.

HTH and you get some more reassurance soon.

Bicnod Sat 06-Sep-08 11:53:02

thank you for the reassurance - feeling less panicked now

looking forward to the 12 week scan so can totally relax


Millie26 Sun 07-Sep-08 20:26:47

Oh my goodness, dont worry at all. Mine went too in about wk 7 and I was so worried but then came back.

Am 12 wks today and after a week of feeling fine have been sick lots over the last two days and felt rubbish again.

My advice is totally enjoy the days when you feel ok - lucky you!

PS - your might not come back and that's normal too.

rrrayray Mon 08-Sep-08 11:46:51

Be THANKFUL its gone so early!!! i was throwing my guts up night and day until 14 weeks. Some peoples body just adjust earlier.....

Nobodies pregnancies are the same! Just be happy you can start enjoying preganncy! xx

poppy34 Mon 08-Sep-08 16:16:53

no that sounds about right..the sort of hungover ALL THE TIME Feeling did start to go by then for me...and its clearly not that clear an indicator as dd asleep on me now

Dotty38 Tue 09-Sep-08 12:14:03


I'm 11+3 and have really suffered with neasea but I have had times (usually a few days) where it's faded dramatically. First time was week 8 so I mentioned it to my midwife, she was ace and said I musn't worry as the hormones will fluctuate so I will feel worse some days and better others it's not a sign things are going wrong. It was a huge reassurance. Can you ring your midwife and chat to her as that really helped me?

Bicnod Sat 13-Sep-08 10:54:47

Ok - the sickness is back. Felt absolutely fine on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday but then felt worse on Wednesday and puked twice on Thursday (I sound like a Craig David song - sorry about that). It seems like its going to peak and trough for a while.

Dotty - I don't have a midwife yet, haven't yet had date for 12 week scan... should I start worrying about that now?!

brettgirl2 Sat 13-Sep-08 16:10:39

Booking in with MW round here is 10 weeks, you need to make an appointment through your GP surgery. They then arrange an appointment for your scan at this stage.

brettgirl2 Sat 13-Sep-08 16:12:14

Oh and meant to say that my nausea is very on and off - even worse I never know first thing in the morning how I will be. Sometimes I wake up feeling fine and feel awful later, if I feel crap first thing I often feel better later. The whole thing's a nightmare!

Bicnod Sat 13-Sep-08 16:21:48

Thanks brettgirl - I agree, it's a bloody nightmare! I'm really worried about making it to work on monday (I have over an hour on a crowded commuter train - bleurgh!!)

I've seen my GP who said they'd write a referral letter to the hospital - will call on monday and check they've received it...

Hope you feel better soon

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