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VBAC and elective C section- not sure what to do

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aurorec Wed 03-Sep-08 16:15:33

am 40 weeks today had an emergency C section with DD after being 10 days late and induced.

I was going to go for a VBAC this time round, but have now reached my due date with no sign of labour and am now unsure what to do. I have a MW appointment tomorrow, I'm just thinking if I am late again this time, as I can't be induced I'd have to wait days and then might find myself stuck with my hospital's Csection schedule.

I'm now wondering if it's not a good thing to schedule one tomorrow just in case this baby doesn't want to come out naturally.

Any thoughts?

Highlander Wed 03-Sep-08 16:18:41

wait until 41 weeks. 40 weeks is still early days!

PortAndLemon Wed 03-Sep-08 16:22:59

You don't have any particular reason to think the baby doesn't want to come out naturally, do you?

I assume you're talking about scheduling a c/s tomorrow for, say, somewhere between 41+3 and 42+0? It won't do any harm, and you can always cancel if you get to that point and want to wait.

Most likely, though, your mw will either want to talk about it and get you scheduled in or won't want to make any firm plans until 41 weeks (depending on local policy).

VictorianSqualor Wed 03-Sep-08 16:28:22

I waited til 41weeks and booked my CS a week ahead.
I was desperate for a VBA2C but was having placental issues so dare not wait any longer.
I'd agree with PAL, if you want to book one you can always cancel it or change your mind if you go into labour.
Bear in mind that you aren't technically overdue until 42 weeks.
Good luck.

aurorec Wed 03-Sep-08 16:35:58

Yes that's what I was thinking of. Although maybe more 41, I'm bored!!! wink

There is no reason to think the baby won't come out naturally apart from my previous pregnancy experience, where by the time I was induced (41+2, I could have waited 41+5 but chose the former) I had had NO contractions at all (not even Braxton) and I wasn't even effaced at all. There was absolutely no sign that the baby was even thinking of getting out.

I know that each delivery is different of course, but I was told by diverse people that if you are late the 1st time you're statistically likely to be again (anecdotal evidence only, but it made me think... s**t)
My SIL was induced for both deliveries at 42 weeks as well.

I'm just concerned that if I leave it too late I might find myself having to wait for more than 42 weeks, who knows with a busy hospital?

RE my MW I actually got a call today from the hospital cancelling tomorrow's appointment! The MW centre is closed there were going to reschedule by mail for a later date!!! I had to tell the hospital MW that I was 40 weeks (she didn't have my notes) so she ended up booking me with herself tomorrow- so basically I'm not relying much on MWs for advice- every time I've been on my regular check-ups they've had to re-check all my notes, they forgot to give me my blood test results, they've sent me to my GP a couple of times cos they were too busy.... Good job it's my 2nd pregnancy and I'm not an anxious person... grin

BetsyBoop Wed 03-Sep-08 20:05:46

I scheduled my "just in case" el c/s for 40+10 st my 39wk appt - never thinking I'd need it as I went into labour with DD at 39+4....ended up using it as DS was far too comfy

I'd definitely get one scheduled & then you have an "end date" & can relax & hopefully prompt some action once bubs has an eviction date grin

(I really wanted a VBAC but at 40+8 and previously head-down DS had moved into an oblique/unstable lie & my BP increasing. I'd run out of options... DS ended up being 10lb10.5oz & 38cm head, so probably the best thing in the end grin)

{waves to VS} long time no "see" VBAC buddy

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