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I had an EVC yesterday as baby was breech and now head down

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biglips Tue 02-Sep-08 06:08:22

so ive gotta sort out my birth plan (im 38 weeks atm) as baby is now in the correct position for a natural birth. (Wasnt sure if i was going for a natural or elective till yesterday as baby had been breech)

Anyway......ive got a appointment next Tues to see the midwife for a check up.

What does happen between now and giving birth? as i havent got a clue!! blush

biglips Tue 02-Sep-08 06:13:25

an also how long will its head be engaged?

this is my 2nd DC

biglips Tue 02-Sep-08 10:28:39

(my DD was 12 days late, had induction and then emergency c-section)

hedgepig Tue 02-Sep-08 10:43:55

hi biglips a 2nd baby will not necessary engage until labour starts I don't think a EVC will make any diference to this. good luck

mum2bagain Tue 02-Sep-08 10:45:30

My baby only went head down when the midwife last checked (last week), I'm 37 weeks. Hopefully it will start engaging bit by bit now. A friend of mine was 2 weeks late and was induced with her first, but because they tried to induce her 3 or 4 times over 2 days, they ended up giving her a c section too because the baby wasn't happy. Personally, I think her dates were wrong, and if she had been left to go naturally, she would have had a normal birth. I've decided I don't want to be induced, until the very last time possible. My dates are right, but I think as long as baby is happy in here, I'm happy to go 2 weeks over.

Your baby should stay head down now, you can go into labour anytime. I would say get your bag packed ready and also be prepared to go over your dates.

biglips Tue 02-Sep-08 10:49:46

so would will happen from now till i give birth? will i get another scan to check the baby overall or not?

cant have another induction

mum2bagain Tue 02-Sep-08 11:07:08

The midwife will be able to feel if your baby is still head down when you go next week. I don't necessarily think they will need to scan you again. Can you feel the movements are different now baby has been turned, i.e. not down below. If so, you might be able to feel if he turns around again, but as far as I know, what head is down, it stays down, even with EVC, but then I've heard they go up and down in some pregnancies.

I'd try to relax now until your appointment next week.

ajm200 Tue 02-Sep-08 11:17:23

Your baby will hopefully stay head down now. You should also encourage it to lay with it's back against your side or tummy for an easy labour so you could try the OFP guidelines to encourage baby to stay in the right position.

Sit leaning forward, using a dining room chair the wrong way round, leaning on and looking over the back is good.

lie on your side at night, not your back

Crawl around on your hands and knees for 30 mins a day. Easy if you already have a DC as you can play games on the floor or clear up toys on hands and knees.

Swimming tummy down helps too.

the tips are explained well on but the site seems to be down at the mo.

Good luck

slinkiemalinki Tue 02-Sep-08 11:44:22

Fantastic news biglips... stay on that swiss ball as much as you can between now and due date!

Slickbird Tue 02-Sep-08 15:18:26

Oooh, how was it? I nearly had one the last time and got booked in for a scan just to check and she was head down afterall! (Didn't stop me having another long backache labour tho!!) I didn't fancy the idea of the EVC tho. Was it uncomfortable?

lulumama Tue 02-Sep-08 15:21:42

great stuff ! best chance of a succesful VBAC is a spontanoues labour, you are not overdue until 42 weeks, so you do not have to have a c.s before then if you do not wish to. you can ask for expectant management to ensure baby is happy in utero once you get past term + 7 for example. baby should hopefully stay head down for you

mehgalegs Tue 02-Sep-08 15:24:00

Slickbird - I was going to ask the same. i was booked for ECV with DS4 but I chickened out. (different circs though).

I have often wondered if it's uncomfortable, painful.

Glad it's been successful biglips.

onepieceoflollipop Tue 02-Sep-08 15:26:36

I had an ecv at 37 weeks with dd2. (incidentally dd1 was induced at 41+4 and although was a vaginal birth I had a lot of interventions)

dd2 stayed head down, don't think she engaged til much later on. I didn't have any other scans etc, just one more midwife check iirc. Went into labour spontaneously with dd2 at 40+2 and had a relatively enjoyable labour and birth (compared to first time round)

I was told by the consultant that did the ecv that if they do it around 37 weeks there is less space for the baby to try and get itself upside down again. Afaik each day that your baby stays head down makes it more likely to stay that way.

Hope all goes well.

onepieceoflollipop Tue 02-Sep-08 15:29:26

My ecv went very smoothly (I am sure the op will be back to answer this question as well. )

We had a lovely consultant, I did have some type of muscle relaxant first which isn't always needed, because I kept getting Braxton Hicks when he tried to move the baby initially. I know some woman find it v uncomfortable, but for me it was like very firm stroking/massage over the abdomen. The scan was on all the time so that the doctor could "view" what was going on.

I was very anxious prior to the procedure, but all went well for me.

biglips Tue 02-Sep-08 17:07:29

the only prob i had was the lady had very boney pencil sticks fingers with nails and it was uncomfortable till a big guy came in with big hands with fat fingers and he did it so smoothly!! grin

As i said it wasnt painful but ssoo uncomfortable and also i had an emergency c-section with my first so that bit was a bit tender but didnt help with the boney fingers!! hmm tummy is rock hard and sooooo sore. Feels like ive got abit of bruises inside me and strong BH's (as per usual!)

i do need to have a bath!


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