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Question re: use of bath oil with clary sage in it.............

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becaroo Fri 29-Aug-08 11:23:05

...I am now 37+1 and desperate to use my (very expensive) bath oil I got for xmas in my bath.

It says on the jar not to use when pregnant as it can stimulate the uterus (?) and I havent used any for the whole pregnancy, but am desperate for a long soak (ds out for the day with PIL) and would love to try it safe?

Surely the baby wont arrive til its ready anyway???

Snaf Fri 29-Aug-08 11:27:58

I would imagine that the amount of clary sage in the bath oil will be absolutely minute to start with. Then it will be diluted in an entire bath of water. You'll be fine - enjoy your bath.

ajm200 Fri 29-Aug-08 11:31:36

Clary sage is listed as one of the ways of naturally inducing labour either by massage or bathing in the essential oil.

I do believe that babies come when they are ready. At 37 weeks your baby would be considered full term if it arrived. My DS was born at 37 weeks but I wouldn't do anything to rush my latest baby out.

i've had preterm labour and been told to tay away from essential oils until my due date. Last night, DH mistook my bottle of clary sage oil for olbas and put some on a tissue in the bedroom. We both had a brilliant nights sleep, it's very relaxing. (I've got mine for inhaling during early labour)

Baby has stayed put but I've got a major headache this am

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