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Puzzled Please help!!!!!!!!!!(How far gone am i)

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mumof3bs1more Wed 27-Aug-08 16:44:37

Hi all ive just had my Pregnancy confirmed by docs on Tues and the fri before that i had a test at docs and it was neg!I did have several faint positive HPT before this but they were very faint,Im really unsure of when my last period was i thought it was around the 15th of the month but looking back i can remember i was aboout 4/5 days late which would be around the 20th.i also think my cycle length is slightly longer than average(28) because i have been having irregular periods since the birth of my last son!Any advice from woman in same situtatio would be gratefully recieved!

diddle Wed 27-Aug-08 17:01:08

how very confusing. If the first day of your last period is the 20th ish, that makes you 5 weeks. your may have showed negative the week before because you ovulated late, so perhaps had onyl had 1 week of pregnancy hormones rather than the average 2 weeks before your period.

The length of your cycle doesn't necessarily effect how many weeks you are, but does make a difference to your due date for some reason.

But if you see a doctor or midwife they will initially base their dates on a 28 day cycle, as i'm sure you know from your previous little ones.


Tangle Wed 27-Aug-08 17:42:15

The whole "40 weeks from the 1st day of your last period" thing assumes you have a 28 day cycle and ovulate on day 14. More accurate would be "38 weeks from the day you ovulate", but not so many women are aware of that one so it doesn't tend to be used.

The whole caboodle only really becomes an issue when there's a significant discrepancy and you go overdue - if you had, for example, a 6 week cycle (ovulate on day 28, say) then your EDD from ovululation would be 2 weeks later than your EDD from last period. In theory a dating scan should be more accurate.

I'd push for a dating scan (preferably before 12 weeks - IIRC before then dates are more accurate as they look at stage of development, after that they can only base it on size), then relax and enjoy all the congratulations

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