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feeling quite lonely, im so sad arnt i, lol

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f1nut Wed 27-Aug-08 15:19:51

am 34 wks preg, fairly new to area i live in, reading in berkshire.
have 3 kids, the yougst starts fulltime school in couple of wks s will just be me and babs once schols bac k.

had pnd b4, am worried it will start up again, that ill just get isolated during the day while dp at work.

have 2 friends who live near me, both pregs aswell due around same time but they hav kinda hooked up and seem realy close, have alot in commem and to be honest they do there own thing.

i kn ow this sounds like a pity me post and im sorry, just feeling very fed up, miss my frinds from where i used to live.

cant stop thinking about my daughter who died ver 10 years ago now, she was a premi and died shortly after birth, although shes constantly on my mind seem to be thinking about her more latly probobly because im expecting,

thought id feel better writing all down but just feel tearful now.

anyway, sorry, gonna go make nippers dins.


diddle Wed 27-Aug-08 19:26:33

f1nut - There is nothing wrong with feeling anxious and worried. Especially after your daughter passing away. The pregnancy probably is makign you more concerned.
Even though your two friends are closer to each other than you, doesn't mean you can't all spend time together. Arrange to meet them, start doing something regular together now before the babies arrive.
I'm sure they'd love to go our for coffee and cake one day, or for walk round a local park.

You might enjoy having the new baby to yourself for a few hours whilst the kids are at school. Once baby arrives join some groups. see if there is a local postnatal group run by your health visitor. By me they don't offer it to moms with more than one child, but if you contact them andexplain your situaion i bet they'd invite you along too. I made loads of friends at mine and more importantly so did my son.

Also, mumsnet is also a good place to find friends in your area. When i was pregnant with my 1st, i joined the ante natal group on here a met someone local who i am now best mates wth, and our kids are friends too and we see each other all the time.

there are lots of options out there, and don't be afraid to join groups online or off, you'll always have something in common if you've got children.

Good luck. wish i lives closer to you, but im in the w.mids

pinkmunkee Wed 27-Aug-08 20:01:24

Hi f1nut, I agree with everything diddle said. Your feelings are perfectly normal, and well done for having the courage to tell us. xx

It does take ages to make friends in a new area, and during late pregnancy it's really hard to feel like doing it. But you'll be glad you did!

Having time with you and the baby will give you a chance to get to know people. Since having my DS 10 months ago I've met more people than I have time to see. If you are seriously worried about PND can you talk to your GP? I don't know much about these things but I am, sure getting support early must help.

Lots of hugs and support coming your way xx

sunshine185 Wed 27-Aug-08 21:31:05

lots of hugs, everything will be okay... change is always scary... time will help and once you have your new baby and start going to the health clinic, baby groups etc in the area you'll meet new mums all over again, life does go on through ups and downs as we all know....


bethoo Wed 27-Aug-08 21:39:47

you must be due in oct, why not join us on the oct thread?

lollipopmother Thu 28-Aug-08 11:23:01

I felt seriously isolated a couple of months ago it's a horrible feeling. I would suggest jumping right in there with your other pregnant friends, invite them over and have a good time.

Paulita73 Fri 29-Aug-08 12:59:29

Hi, God I know exactly how you feel. Am the same as you nearly 34 weeks preggers and on my own. I was living in Spain when I fell preggers and have split with the father. He doesnt know that I am expecting and hope to keep it that way. Have run away from my business, house and mates in Spain and come back to Mum!!! Lost a fortune and have never felt so lonely in all my life, but hope all will change when little one comes along.
This is my first pregnancy and am normally an emotional person but the hormones make it worse!! Havent been through your emotional rollercoaster and I feel for you, you deserve to feel fed up it sounds as thou you have been thru hell.

Get both your friends around for a catch up and be honest with them and how you feel.

Fingers crossed for you

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