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For Those of you awaiting Materntiy Allowance

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TreadmillMom Wed 27-Aug-08 12:56:30

Finally got through on 08456 088 769.
There is a backlog of 4 weeks from date of application and once a decision has been made 1st payment will be received 5 working days thereafter.

myjobismum Wed 27-Aug-08 14:08:11

4 weeks?? i spoke to them on that number last week - they recieved my application middle july and apparantely it is still "waiting to be looked at" the earliest it will be assessed apparantely is the last week in sept (my mat leave starts this weekend, and baby is due 5th october) they said i was unlikely to see any money before my baby shock and that some people with 2 month old babies are still waiting - I am not trying to put you wrong in any way, just dont get hopes up and be prepared for a LONG wait - we have had to make other provisions (DH working overtime shifts throughout september) so we can manage financially until they sort it - hope you manage ok!

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