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Stretch Marks

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KJ11 Wed 27-Aug-08 12:47:06

I am 35+3 and last night noticed some stretch marks right underneath my bump - any advice???

Oblomov Wed 27-Aug-08 13:08:12

I am afrid not.
How did you actually see them wink
I still believe that creams do little. I think if you have the kind of skin that does, then you will.
But I still use a bit of Bio Oil, as I did last time. And I have none. Not every night. Just when I can remember.
Try a cream / oil ?

bethoo Wed 27-Aug-08 13:10:44

i slather on baby oil mornign and night. does go everywhere so best to put shit loads on just before bed if you dont mind it going all over the bed sheets!

mrsgboring Wed 27-Aug-08 13:11:00

Honestly there is nothing you can do. Don't waste your money on snake oil to try to fix them. They do fade to almost nothing - book yourself a postnatal exercise class and in the meantime stop looking at them.

aurorec Wed 27-Aug-08 13:34:21

I have the same issue. I thought I'd avoided them.... sad

Just keep moisturising, don't bother with special pregnancy oils/creams, anything nice and greasy will do, even Vaseline!

wasabipeanut Wed 27-Aug-08 13:39:47

Yeah mine popped up at 38 weeks - proper chuffed. I had concinved myself that months of Bio Oil application had kept them at bay. What bollocks that was. They do fade quickly - DS is 1 next week and even though they are not completley white they have faded to a really pale pink.

islandlassie Wed 27-Aug-08 14:11:00

Be proud of them! like wasabipeanut said about the fading - once faded people would only notice close up and if its only your parner that will be that close then he can be proud of them too!

At least thats what i'm telling hubby so that when mine appear he will know only to shower me with compliments!

JessJess3908 Wed 27-Aug-08 16:40:33

Try to look on the bright side and be grateful they're only under your bump. When mine came up I googled stretch marks images and soon realised I had got away quite lightly in comparison to some.

They still make me sad tho...

LeonieD Wed 27-Aug-08 16:55:13

Message withdrawn

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