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Those that had private nuchal/20 week scans - did you go to the NHS ones as well?

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Tapster Tue 26-Aug-08 21:18:09

Me and DH are debating whether to have private scans this time round. I would prefer this given I'm 38 and I wasn't overly impressed by my scans last time round. However, we can't get childcare for a double lot of scans and the NHS won't let metake our toddler into the scan with me. DH is worried that if the scans find something that needs to have ongoing treatment or follow up scans the NHS won't want to know.
Did you go for both?

geordieminx Tue 26-Aug-08 21:22:19

If the private scan showed up an abnomailty then they would notify your gp/midwife/consultant immediately, before you go in you usualy give them all of the details and also sign something to give them permission to do so.

I had a private 20 week scan as in Glasgow they dont offer them. sad

Evelynsmum Tue 26-Aug-08 21:23:39

I went for a private Nuchal scan as my area don't offer these on the NHS. All others on NHS.

I would have thought that if a private scan showed a problem then the NHS would follow it up. After all it won't go away...and I don't see why they wopuld be sniffy about you spending your money rather than theirs (on the initial scan that it).

liath Tue 26-Aug-08 21:25:38

If something is found in your private scan then the NHS pretty much has to take over at that point. It happened to us - an abnormality was found on a private 20 week scan and the radiographer arranged for us to be seen the next day at our local NHS hospital. The only difference in our case was that in our area there are no routine 20 weeks scans so it was private or nothing. HTH

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