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Morning Sickness is doing my head in - PLEASE HELP

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diddle Tue 26-Aug-08 19:35:53

I am getting really annoying morning sickness, not being sick just feel nauseous all the time. This is my 5th pregnancy and i've tried all my previous methods. or eating smaller portions, nibblign on biscuits, sipping water. nothign is working.
I can bare;y find the energy to get off the sofa most of the time, and with 2 young boys to chase round after its getting very har.

anyone got any good tips?

MHill Tue 26-Aug-08 19:41:40

I'm not sure i can give you any advice/tips but wanted to reassure you you're not on your own! How many weeks are you? I'm 13 weeks and feeling the same as you described and its realy getting me down. Hang in there! The only thing that sometimes helps me is ice - ice cubes/lollies - might be worth a try.

diddle Tue 26-Aug-08 19:43:09

i'm only 8 weeks, had not considered ice cubes, good idea. was watching father of the bride 2 last night and they were having ice chips during labour, shame our english ones are enormous. looked very cooling.

Cosmogirl Wed 27-Aug-08 08:59:22

Diddle - join us on the 'tips for nausea' thread if you like. We are all suffering over there and you can vent and moan as much as you like without judgement. M/S really is the pits.

ajm200 Wed 27-Aug-08 09:14:21

Have you tried seabands and preggie pops?

I had full blown morning all day sickness with my DS that lasted right up to delivery.

The preggie pops helped as did eating ginger biscuits or crackers in bed before getting up and just staying there for 10 mins to let my tummy settle. Eating small amounts throughout the day also helped a bit. It can be caused by hunger.

Keep a check of what you've eaten and how you feel. You may find a list of trigger foods that are best avoided. For me it was anything with garlic, tomato or citrus.

It is awful and I do pity you. I have an illness in my 3rd trimester that has stopped me keeping food down for weeks, I've lost all my pregnancy weight gain, so I do know how horrible it is.

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