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Pre eclampsia in first two pregnancies - what happens this time?

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fernie3 Tue 26-Aug-08 10:09:12

I am now 14 weeks pregnant with my third child. In my first pregnancy I had very mild late onset preeclampsia( I was 41 weeks before it arrived!).

My second pregnancy I had blood pressure problems from 25 weeks(was put on medication) and proper preeclampsia came at 35 weeks and I had my son at that point.

I had no extra checks last time as I was told I probably wouldnt get it again and it was only because I had bought a wrist blood pressure mon and walked up to the day assesment unit that I was actually diagnosed with preeclampsia when I was.

This time I have a consultant appointment at 17 weeks and really I was wondering what to expect.Is it likely I will have extra appointments etc and if so what will it involve? I am worried about the baby as it was only after my son was born that they realised he had not been getting enough food etc - he was very tall but like a little skeleton!.

I hope this post makes sense! I get worried even talking about it.


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