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Home Births

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Shelli08 Mon 25-Aug-08 20:06:59

I am considering a home birth but not sure of the pros and cons, has anyone experienced a home birth, if so, please share your stories x

SquiffyHock Mon 25-Aug-08 20:13:08

I had an amazing home birth with my second child and am planning another for number 3. I had my first at a private hospital and loved the fact that I had a midwife with me throughout. We had moved away by the time I had baby number 2 so I thought that homebirth would give me that one-to-one care.

The thing I loved the most was that the midwife let me and my body lead. I was always aware of her presence but she had very little involvement. She was sitting on the sofa when I started pushing because my body told me to. (I used gas and air)

I felt the first contractions at 10:30, Midwife was there at 11:30 and my beautiful DD was born at 12:45.

Midwife made me tea and cleaned up, stayed until I had showered then tucked us all up in bed. DS (2) slept through it all. A really wonderful experience.

Slureel Mon 25-Aug-08 20:15:11

I had two homebirths and both were relaxed and successful and I feel pleased and lucky to have that choice.

First, dd contractions started in morning, midwife arrived midday, 2nd midwife early afternoon, got lots of fab massaging - dd born early eve in bedroom with supported squat, could have had g&a - it was there, but didn't need it. Got in my own bath while midwife cleaned bedroom up a bit, then into my own bed with dd next to me and mw helped latch on.

Second, woke early hours of morning, called mw she came straight away - went errrrr, quick get the plastic down you're about to give birth, 2nd mw walked through door as head was crowning. Ds born in living room - me kneeling, after very quick labour of just under 2 hours.

So there's a positive story for you! grin

I had a normal pregnancy and our hospital is only five minutes away and I had a fantastically supportive midwife team, all these things helped my decision, that and lots of research into the statistics and experiences of others.

And good fortune smile

Home births can be fantastic.
Home births that end in transfer to hospital can also be fantastic, because often if you've set out down a path to homebirth you feel in control of your decisions about how to birth etc.

Spidermama Mon 25-Aug-08 20:16:26

I had four home births and would never do it any other way. It's so nice to get into your bath or your bed straight after, while holding your baby. I honestly don't understand why so many people go to hospital. If they were ill or at risk, then sure, but why go just as a matter of course?

When I went into labour I wanted to shut the curtains, get comfy at home, do some baking, dh cleaned up and it was really special.

Spidermama Mon 25-Aug-08 20:17:17

I read Janet Balaskas, Ina May Gaskin and Sheila Kitsinger (sp) and all three really helped me.

SquiffyHock Mon 25-Aug-08 20:26:49

Agree with Slureel - don't get so fixed on a homebirth that if you need to be transferred you feel bad about it. You can only aim for a HB but, obviously, all that matters is that your baby is born healthy.

Spidermama Mon 25-Aug-08 20:29:45

Now, see, I'm not sure that is all that matters though obviously it is the most important thing. I don't see what's wrong with wanting to have as positive a brith experience as possible.

rusmum Mon 25-Aug-08 20:31:55

I had an unplannes h ome birth 3 weeks ago. In future would plan for one. I was so relaxed and in control. I did what my body told me to do. Not what a midwifa wanted me to do. Just me and my partner. Fabulous!!!!!

RhinestoneCowgirl Mon 25-Aug-08 20:35:26

Have a look at for lots of useful information.

RhinestoneCowgirl Mon 25-Aug-08 20:41:38

And to add my own experience, I had DS (first baby) at home 2 yrs ago, currently pg with DC2 and planning the same this time round.

I started contractions with DS early one evening, laboured overnight, and he was born at about 2pm the next day. It was hard work and tiring, but really glad I did it that way. Had a TENS machine, used the bath quite a lot (altho obv not at the same time wink). MW brought G&A but I didn't really feel like using it. Had my mum and DH there which was great.

Afterwards had a quick shower then had pizza and went to our own bed for a good sleep.

Cattymum Mon 25-Aug-08 20:50:24

Not much I can add really! I had my first 2 at home but ended up having my 3rd in hospital due to complications, all were very positive experiences, used TENS and Gas and air, hospital gas n air is stronger!

best thing about home birth though is afterwards, you can sink in to your own bath then in to your own bed with your DP, who is not treated like an outsider or visitor and its so relaxed. its the best start to family life!

Boobz Mon 25-Aug-08 20:57:08

Have a look here for more home birth stories and tips etc

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 25-Aug-08 21:01:34

Message withdrawn

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