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Quick! Please tell me if I can eat shop-bought tiramisu

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MegBusset Sun 24-Aug-08 22:28:28

DH bought it from Budgens, it is pre-packaged and vacuum-sealed and has a very long date on it. Is it alright for me to eat? (Am 6 weeks pg)

onepieceoflollipop Sun 24-Aug-08 22:33:00

I think it will be fine - afaik you should only avoid tiramisu if it contains raw/unpasteurised eggs as some of the homemade versions do.

PortAndLemon Sun 24-Aug-08 22:33:42

Yes (although check the ingredients, it might have alcohol in it and if so you might choose to avoid it. I suspect it doesn't, though)

MegBusset Sun 24-Aug-08 22:34:49

Thanks, I think it has alcohol flavouring in but not actual booze! Good, it has been looking at me funny from the fridge all evening

pinkmagic1 Sun 24-Aug-08 22:35:37

I'm sure you will be absolutely fine, ate most things during both my pregnancies, including tiramisu and have 2 perfectly healthy little monsters!

onepieceoflollipop Sun 24-Aug-08 22:36:21

Are you going to offer your dh a bit!?

MegBusset Sun 24-Aug-08 22:54:30

It was a pack of two... both gone now!

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