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i am 19 .5 wks and aching down there

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any thoughts

think i have been over doing it, i have been doing lots of moving around sorting out the house, have not been resting much.
is it just my muscles getting used to things
at the moment is uncomfortable to walk sitting down is fine.

nobodysfool Sun 24-Aug-08 16:43:46

this is from the mn pregnancy section:

As your womb grows and rises up and out of your pelvis, it stretches the ligaments that fix it in place. This is obviously necessary but unfortunately, it can really hurt. You may find that you get a brief stabbing pain below your bikini line; sometimes it can be a dull achy pain, particularly if you have been on your feet all day. Called round ligament pain, it starts off feeling quite deep and can be bad enough to be worrying. If it stays, gets worse or you have any other problems like cramps, spotting or sickness then you need to see a doctor or midwife. You should always see your doctor or midwife if you have abdominal pain.

isaidno Sun 24-Aug-08 17:07:01

could also be varicose veins in your fanjo - I knew mine wear popping up by the aches.
Sorry - you prob didn't want to consider that...

cheers it is more of an aching around my bum cheeks feels achy to walk

KRPC Mon 25-Aug-08 07:00:51

Could be SPD now known as Pelvic Girdle Pain, see your midwife and get a referral to a physio as there's loads of things you can do to stop it getting worse (keep your legs together when getting in and out of a car, NO heeled shoes, wearing a strap, don't carry anything up stairs, dress sitting down) and if you don't it can get really bad Iwas on crutches for last 10 weeks. Upside is it usually means a really easy labour :-)

think i have got too hot bum is more itchy and red with lumps today

duvetheaven Mon 25-Aug-08 18:34:20

I was going to suggest SPD too as I developed the same thing at about same time. You need to keep an eye on things that KRPC mentioned . Lots of info on here about it .
KRPC I've never heard that about easier labour although I like what I hear as 2 weeks til due date. Is there anything else on here about that?

read abit about spd pain and discomfort isnt in my groin or hip more perenium am more or less back to normal today

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