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miscarriage in 2nd pregnancy

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maz32 Sat 23-Aug-08 19:33:16

hi after having a healthy baby, we fell pregnant the other month, and think we are having m/c are waiting to go back for another scan in 10 days. Has any one else experienced this I know we are so lucky to have one, but wot are the chances of having another m/c again?xx

MrsMattie Sat 23-Aug-08 19:37:40

Hi Maz.

I'm so sorry to hear your news sad.

I fell pregnant with my first child very quickly after starting ttc and had a fairly straightforward pregnancy. I imagined it would all be the same again second time around. Unfortunately, I miscarried fairly early on in my 2nd pregnancy. It was extremely upsetting, as we were both really excited about becoming parents again.

Happily, 4 months after the m/c, I fell pregnant again and am now 26 weeks pregnant and all going well so far.

Miscarriage in the first trimester is very common and having one does not mean you are more likely to have another or suffer any other pregnancy-related problems.

Hope you get the care you need and recover from this OK. And good luck for the future x

PortAndLemon Sat 23-Aug-08 19:40:02

Sorry to hear you're going through this.

Statistically, between 20 and 25 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Having one doesn't make you any more likely to have another, but you'll have that same base level of risk that anyone else does.

maz32 Sun 24-Aug-08 17:23:17

thank you all for your support, will just have to wait and see! how long do they advise you to wait before trying again?xx

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