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Keep waking up on my back, how bad is this?

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woose Fri 22-Aug-08 13:48:04

Hi everyone
I keep worrying about everything at the moment and the latest is that I keep waking up on my back. I have heard that it is not good because of the pressure on the big blood vessel. Can this affect the growth of the baby? Could the reason my baby is measuring small be because it is not getting a good enough flow of blood because I keep going into this position when I am asleep. I always start off on my side. I am 35 week BTW.

LittleMyDancingForJoy Fri 22-Aug-08 13:52:00

I think the main thing is to think 'what can you reasonably do about this?'

you could try propping yourself up with pillows so you can't roll over, but short of actually using guy ropes, you can't stop it happening.

women have been having babies for thousands of years without people telling them not to sleep on their back, and yet the human race is doing ok, so I really wouldn't worry about it.

Honest truth? Stress is much more likely to affect the growth of your baby, so focus on relaxing and trying not to worry too much. I know that's easy to say, but nice warm baths with lovely oils, hot milky drinks before bed, and all that stuff.

also, don't worry too much about measuring small. again, it's not something you can do much about, so try not to worry. I know lots of women who have measured small and had extra scans and loads of fuss, and had big bouncing babies at the end of it! depends on your physical frame, how good your stomach muscles are, how you're arranged inside, etc etc.

Measuring the bump is not an exact science.

Hope this helps a little wink

charitygirl Fri 22-Aug-08 13:59:51

No - pressure on the vena cava (I think that's the name of the big vein) only hurts YOU (i.e. makes you breathless becauise blood isn't pumping round YOUR body). Doesn't affect the baby's supply.

The reason women don't sleep on their backs in late pregnancy is because THEY are in discomfort. However, I'm also 35 weeks, have no discomfort on my back, HATE sleeping on my side, and so am just going on as normal. I've asked a doctor and they reassured me.

Also, what LittleMy said about not stressinG!

woose Fri 22-Aug-08 14:01:04

It does thank you
I was thinking, what on earth could I do about it anyway. I also remember saying to my MIL about the whole sleeping on back thing and she said nobody ever said anything about that when she was pregnant 32 years ago. So they didn't worry about this because they didn't know about it. Sometimes I think having too much information around can lead to stress.

hughjarssss Fri 22-Aug-08 14:02:30

I spent the last few weeks of my pregnancy lying on my back as I couldn't sleep on my sides.

When you get that big you'll take what sleep you can, anyway you can get it

LittleMyDancingForJoy Fri 22-Aug-08 14:05:31

Definitely too much info is bad for you. I'm on pregnancy number 3 and I am resolutely ignoring all advice except no booze, no rare meat and no soft cheese.

I can't remember/cope with/worry about the rest, I have a VERY active 2 year old to deal with!

Good luck with the no stress regime grin

JezzaJ9 Fri 22-Aug-08 14:40:44

Hi All,

I am so glad I read this, I have been getting really paranoid about this as I find being on my back the most comfortable at the moment. I am 25 weeks and was think about wedging pillows around me! :O

TreadmillMom Fri 22-Aug-08 17:02:30

See my recent post

woose Fri 22-Aug-08 19:16:42

Didn't see other post before TreadmillMom. Thanks very reassuring.

LittleMy: I was fine with not worrying, chilling out to begin with and like you I have a 22 month old very active to look after, but the nearer the date comes, the more nervous I get. I know I just need to chill, but it is so hard to do that, I am constantly on the go!!!

LittleMyDancingForJoy Fri 22-Aug-08 20:25:39

I might be in your shoes by the time I'm 35 weeks! Hormones are strange things.


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