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feeling those kicks!

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babber Fri 22-Aug-08 13:28:40

Hello, i'm 17 + 6 and am sure i have over the last week started to feel my baby moving around which is amazing!!! question is, has anyone else been able to feel these kicks so early on with your hand (i.e. not just internally)? i was lying in bed last night with my heand on my tummy and definitely felt somethin. when i mentioned it to a friend today she said its still too early to be able to feel it from the outside so it must be wind or something. has anyone else been able to feel bunmps from the outside so early? This is my first so not sure what to expect. i ahve a very small frame so i think it makes it easier for me to feel the babies movements. don't want to get dp to start feeling my belly if it is infact just air moving around and not his future child!!!

barbareebaa Fri 22-Aug-08 14:48:55

hello there!

I started feeling kicks internally from 15 weeks(ish) and it wasn't that much later I could feel it from the outside but it wasn't very often to begin with and dh couldn't feel it at all.

so I bet you are smile but it could be a while before your dp feels it.

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