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Please help, driving myself mad over thinking!!!

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MissyK Fri 22-Aug-08 08:38:17

I got a faint bfp early this week, darker & strong by yesterday, going on a 28day cycle not due AF till Wed/Thurs next week! (tested as something just didn't feel right & my boobs were incredibly tender).
Went to the docs yesterday & as if I am pg would only be 3wks & got sent for blood tests straight away, going in today at 17:20 for results - she's thinking maybe twins hence the early result... Does anyone know how they could tell? She also sent a referral to the EPU but as so early we don't expect anything for 2-3 weeks as nothing would really show up on a scan yet...
My gp knows I did have an ovarian cyst in May but they thought it would go away, (I was due in next month for a check up) & wasn't the sort that produced hCG, but I'm now worried they were wrong & this is what caused the + test..

My dh has gone to work & I'm sat here willing time to pass, which obviously is making time go even slower!!

Has anyone had similar experiences? Either way I'd like to know what I could expect.


Anglepoise Fri 22-Aug-08 10:05:39

Can't really help I'm afraid but isn't a false positive almost impossible? I also can't see how a cyst would produce pregnancy hormones

Good luck for this afternoon!

MissyK Fri 22-Aug-08 13:51:41

Yeah, but my gp told me there's one type of cyst that can but it's quite rare, along with a few other conditions

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