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Growth Scan at 36wks...?

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MissusH Thu 21-Aug-08 13:02:06

I have just been for my 34wk an appt at the hospital clinic.

For the last 3 appts I have measured 3cms bigger than dates and the same today. My community mw is not unduly concerned and says that baby seems a normal size for dates after having a good old feel!

I had a sneaky scan today (the hand held doppler wasn't working) and the registrar commented that baby seemed a normal size from what she could see.

However I still need a full growth scan in 2wks time after which I need to discuss the results with the day assessment unit...

If baby is actually bigger than she should be will an induction be arranged and if so when?

Heartmum2Jamie Thu 21-Aug-08 13:19:11

I am interested in the answer to this too as induction has already been mentioned to me if baby continues to measure on the large side (6 weeks ahead at 28 weeks).

I do think you should bear in mind that growth scans are not overly accurate. I had one at 37 weeks with ds1 and was told my baby was going to be over 10lb at term. He was 8lb 1oz 8 days late. You don't have to opt for an induction just becausr they suggest it based on a growth scan (if they do suggest it). As you can see from my experience, they aren't always right!

TheHedgeWitch Thu 21-Aug-08 13:21:02

Message withdrawn

coppertop Thu 21-Aug-08 13:27:01

The growth scans are notoriously inaccurate IME. With dd I was measuring anything up to about 6cm bigger than I should have. The growth scan showed that she was enormous, with some of the measurements being off the scale. Instead she turned out to be the smallest of my 3.

When I was pg with ds2 (now 5yrs old) he was induced 2wks early. He weighed 9lbs. By the time I had dd (now 2yrs old) the policy had changed and the earliest a baby would be induced would be on the due date.

Different hospitals may have different policies though.

sunshine185 Thu 21-Aug-08 13:32:47

i measured big all through and at 37 weeks still measured (scan & fundal height) big and consultant didn't offer me an induction(38 weeks normally) stating they don't always succeed and i had an elective cs at 39 weeks. big babies tend to stay indoors longer btw! it was the right choice.

missusH, do you think your midwife can get you an appointment with a consultant after your growth scan rather than go to the DAU at least then you can get a decision there and then?

MissusH Thu 21-Aug-08 14:48:48

Thanks for the replies - I had heard somewhere that estimating baby's weight/size was a bit of an inexact science (as your experiences show!!)

sunshine - I was meant to see the consultant after the scan but the clinic is fully booked, hence the DAU....

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