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im measuring small...

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justmee Wed 20-Aug-08 17:16:44

hi all
i have just recoverd from my last miscarriage which was 2months ago and i have found out im pregnant again...
my last period was 9th july but we wasnt tryin untill the 22nd july onwards.i went to the doctor and he said i was 6 weeks but when he done the us he asked me if i was sure and said that im mesuring rather small at 3.2mm this has really scared me and im dreading going threw the same thing again has any one else had this happen???
when i went threw my last mc i had bleeding and cramps really bad but this time iv had nothing...iv been put on progesteron ??
i live in a forein contry and the laugage barrier is a bit hard to ask certain things i am looking into if there are any english speakin doctors ...
would really apresiate come advice

lowrib Sun 24-Aug-08 15:33:29

Hi justmee,

Sorry to hear you're having a worrying time. It's not something I know much about, but I wanted to bump your post so it doesn't get overlooked.

Does anyone know - how relaiable are sizing scans this early?

justmee Sun 24-Aug-08 16:02:41

i lost my baby last nite ....had very heavey bleeding and rung the doctor who is on holiday and he said had a white thing come out (sorry)which it hadnt and he said you might be ok come in monday but after i got off the phone i had passed the white thing""...
this is my second miscarriage iv had a little bit of blood pass today but not like yesturday im antibiotics i will be going to the doctor tomorrow to see if i need a dnc
i cannot belive this has happened to me again doctor has said if it has i will need some tests done
thankyou for replying xxxx

kittyDug Sun 24-Aug-08 16:05:59

Hi justmee, I can relate to you on this. I'm in the very same situation..... The first day of my last period was the 11th July and didn't start trying until the 20th, how similar is that. I have had 2 m/c's, 1 last October and the other in Febuary this year. I had pains last Tuesday so I went for a scan but they could see no sac they said it was too early. I have 32 day cycles so they think this could be the reason(hopefully). What are your cycles? They did hcg tests and this showed the pg was progressing but I know this is not a guarentee.It's good to know somebody else is in the same boat as me. fingers crossed for both of ussmile

kittyDug Sun 24-Aug-08 16:08:55

Im so sorry justmee I just saw your reply after I had replied to you sad. Hope you will be ok. I have been there so I know how you are feeling. Best of luck for the futuresmile

Marne Sun 24-Aug-08 16:09:41

sad sending you hugs

lowrib Sun 24-Aug-08 16:29:48

Hi justmee, I'm really sorry to hear that.
I hope you're OK xxx

nobodysfool Sun 24-Aug-08 16:37:01

sending you a big hug.
So sorry your going through this.

justmee Tue 26-Aug-08 09:44:40

my cycle is a 28day so you could be ok ...i woudlt panick to much as people have told me you can just overlate late ....unfortunalty for me that wasnt my case i had no signs of bleeding just come on no cramps but i did notice my boobs didnt feel as sore as they had been.
i went to the doctor again yesturday for a checkup and sitting in the waiting room were all pregnant woman which started me off crying i was really scared about having a dnc because when i did last time i was never put to sleep and it was an awful thing to experiance but i think my new doctor is nice and he said i shouldt need test it is quite common for woman to have 2 misscairages but if i go on to have 3 then me and my fiancee will be tested...i dont need a dnc as nearly eveything has fell out itself so im on tablets and i go back next week again to check if its all out..
thanyou for your replys i am finding it hard im ok when im busy but when im left on myself i cant help but breakdown crying i thought 1 time was bad enough now im doing it all over again sad
i have been told to wait a minium of 4 months to let my body back but i think im going to wait about 6-7 to proply greive and start a new year...
please let me know how people get threw a 2nd misscarriage and did they go on to have healthy kids??
thankyou ayse xxxx

Jackstini Tue 26-Aug-08 09:52:48

Hi Justmee - so sorry to hear of your loss, it is a horrible time.
I have 1 dd and had 2 mc last year (Aug & Nov) and am now 24 wks pg. My friend also had 2 mc (last Aug & this Jan) & she is 22 wks pg now.
Certainly there is hope for you - many ladies go on to have successful pregnancies after mc.
You are right to wait and grieve properly, there is no right time to try again, it is a very personal thing so you decide when you are ready.
For me, the second one was easier than the first but that may be because I had not known for as long; first one happened at 12 weeks, baby had died at 6+. Was a mmc, found out at my scan. Nothing happened naturally so had to have D&C. Second one I had only known for 5 days and happened naturally at 6 wks.
There are some threads that may be worth reading on the mc board - I found it really helpful to read about others that were going through the same thing.
Sending you hugs to get through this.

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