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im measuring small...

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justmee Wed 20-Aug-08 17:15:25

hi all
i have just recoverd from my last miscarriage which was 2months ago and i have found out im pregnant again...
my last period was 9th july but we wasnt tryin untill the 22nd onwards.i went to the doctor and he said i was 6 weeks but when he done the us he asked me if i was sure and said that im mesuring rather small at 3.2mm this has really scared me and im dreading going threw the same thing again has any one else had this happen???
when i went threw my last mc i had bleeding and cramps really bad but this time iv had nothing...iv been put on progesteron ??
i live in a forein contry and the laugage barrier is a bit hard to ask certain things i am looking into if there are any english speakin doctors ...
would really apresiate come advice

justmee Wed 20-Aug-08 17:16:27

sorry that the 22nd july we styarted trying...

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