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Questions about John & Lizzies

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ScaryHairy Wed 20-Aug-08 16:20:33

I've posted this in Childbirth too...

I've just found out that I am pregnant and, having had a very difficult time of it when my daughter was born, have decided to go private this time.

I am leaning towards J&L because I hope to have a VBAC and understand that they are good at natural birth. Also I live in Muswell Hill and so it is relatively handy (ish).

Does anyone have any experience of J&L that they can share? Is it necessary to book with a consultant, or can you have entirely midwife-led care? Are any midwives/consultants thought of as particularly good? Has anyone used their early pregnancy unit? (Having had an ectopic I need to be seen in two weeks to establish whether this pregnancy is in the right place).

Many thanks!

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