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Pregnant with IBS ******TMI ******

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broodymom Wed 20-Aug-08 13:56:00

Hi i'm 8 weeks pregnant and crippled by waves of cramp from ibs. I get really worried that the cramps mights cause mc. I am constantly running to the loo when the cramps come swinging from constipation to loose bowels. blush

Is / has anyone ever experienced this? how have you coped? thanks xxx

WorzselMummage Wed 20-Aug-08 14:13:28

I am also 8 weeks pg with ibs

I normally find it quite easy to manage, i just have to avoid full fat dairy or it gives me the runs but when it does it usually only take half an hour to get it all out (gross) then i feel better.

Since being pg i have found myself a lot more sensitive to milk/cream and thats the problem because my bowel seems to have slowed right down so instead of being able to hide in the loo for half an hour it can take 3 hours.. i flushed the toilet 14 times in quick sucession the other morning because i had eaten 4 bloody frubes and i was in absolute agony, i was actually crying with the pain

Do you know what sets yours off ?

I have found a hotwater bottle is my friend at the moment

broodymom Wed 20-Aug-08 15:05:15

Hi, i'm not sure what sets mine off i have had a lot of cream and ice cream oh and cola a lot of cola the past couple of days it could be that, as i have been drinking it to help with nausea (it seems to help me anyway!)funny enough ibs has been really bad the last couple of days hmm i think i will try and cut out the cola and see how i feel.the cramp is so sooo painful though,they stop me dead in my tracks.x

WorzselMummage Wed 20-Aug-08 15:23:21

yeah i know what you mean.

I think dairy is one of the most common trigger foods although i am by no means an expert i usually just get on with it and if i want a cream cake i have to think about the 3am toilet trips lol.

There is another post on here i think about ibs in pregnancy

MsBump Thu 28-Aug-08 15:27:03

I've had IBS off and on for years but its been really bad in the last year and a half and am now 9 weeks pregnant and its causing havoc with my system. I know that bread and anything wheat based sets me off with really bad cramps as does dairy and even soya! I also get really bad bloating and wind..all the herbal remedies I was taking are now off the cards since getting pregnant so I've worked out that eating small amounts and often ease the chronic pains and steering clear of eating too late at night. :-)

jollyjoanne Fri 29-Aug-08 18:25:58

I'm approx 14 weeks pregnant with IBS at the start it seemed to have eased off, but once past 10weeks it has come back with avengance. Embarrassingly windy and bloated - the bloating makes me feel more like 30 weeks pregnant and can be very painful. And at the moment no idea what is setting it off. I am considering drinking some of the pro / pre biotic yoghurt things - but not sure if they are OK when pregnant. Does anyone know? Before I got pregnant I took multibionta's pre-biotic vitamin things and they seemed to help a lot.

catsmother Fri 29-Aug-08 22:47:23

I've suffered from IBS since I was 18. With my 1st pregnancy there were some attacks towards my due date when I genuinely wondered if the pain was due to labour or to IBS ? (I don't know about you, & sorry if TMI, but I can literally spend hours in agony on the loo, with contaction like pains coming in waves, which I have to pant through, before anything happens). The good news was that my actual labour, when it came, was nowhere near as painful as the IBS and I didn't need any drugs.

Having said that my 2nd labour was far more painful and I needed everything - though it was back to back.

I have never read anything connecting IBS in any way to miscarriage.

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