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Pregnancy after miscarriage...

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koonelly Wed 16-Feb-05 16:26:49

Hi everyone, taken me a while to get the nerve to post but have been reading and inspired by many threads, so here goes... I am pregnant and due for my 12 week nucal scan on friday, problem is i am sooo frightened as my as last 3 pregnancys miscarried. 2 were missed m/c so didn't find out till 12 week scan!!! I have had 2 scans one at 7 weeks and one at 9 weeks and all ok, but day after scan i am back to worrying again..... i am working myself up into a nervous wreck thinking about it! I know nobody can do anything but just wondered whether anybody else had similar experince and how they coped? i am extremely lucky to have had 4 previous successful pregnancies (all boys), but no one can give me any reasons for the m/c's, apart from saying my age (1st was at 38, i'm 40 now!.I've taken it upon myself to take low dose aspirin this time even tho i've had the blood tests for thickening blood? and all came back normal, as i felt i fitted all the sypmtons.I'm on decaff coffee, only little bit of choccy, no alcohol, not a smoker, haven't even dared have sex since finding out i'm pregnant! sorry for prattling on, but at moment i feel like i'm living in limbo as can't think beyond friday!!

Lua Thu 17-Feb-05 12:45:44

Hi Koonelly,
I had experience one mc and know how much of a shadow it can cast over future pregnancies. I can only imagine how stresful itcan be to have multiple mcs. So big hugs to you.
As I am sure you know though, there are many women that experience this and goes on to have happy pregnancies, so try to relax... I know, easy said than done, but I think the worry is the worst you can do for your baby now.
Hope all looks great on your scan! Let us know!

Joseyjo Thu 17-Feb-05 12:49:58

Koonelly - i am afraid i haven't been in your position as such, however i did miscarry the month before i got pregnant (am now 7 weeks) and am very nervous about my first scan (due in a couple of weeks). i suppose there is nothing to do really but try not to worry. i know that doesn't help, and i know exactly what you mean about gettin nervous the day after a scan, because that is exactly how i felt last time! Anyway, I hope everything is ok on Friday - let us know the outcome. Best wishes

koonelly Sat 19-Feb-05 07:50:37

Thanks lua and joseyjo, just to say had my scan yesterday and all ok! i hadn't really even allowed myself to contemplate that!. will now try to relax a little. only booked in yesterday as well ,wouldn't until had scan and my midwife was lovely

fisil Sat 19-Feb-05 08:28:05

Hi koonelly. I only had one mc but I was so scared that I ended up having to leave work the day before my 12 week scan and go to EPU for a scan - I was so desperate with fear. Did you see a heartbeat at the 9 week scan? I had a 9 week scan too (that's when my missed mc happened) and saw a little jelly baby with a heartbeat. Everyone told me that if you see a heartbeat you are fairly safe.

Still, I saw a perfectly healthy baby on the 21 weeks scan but by the time I'd reached the car I couldn't stop thinking "but it might have been alive 10 minutes ago but you can die any minute". Do tell lots of people about how you're feeling. I'm afraid I wasn't very good at that - I got signed off sick for the rest of the pg at 26 weeks because I just couldn't cope with the fear of the baby dying (and I still find it very hard to believe I will have a real live baby, even though I have one very lively toddler right here in front of me as proof that it can happen!)

Pages Sat 05-Mar-05 09:48:36

Hi Koonelly, you have probably been reassured by now, but just in case you are still worried (or indeed for anyone who has had multiple miscarriages and fears they won't ever make it to full term again)this may help... I have had 3 miscarriages and am now 16 weeks pg with my second child. All the scans have been good and positive, though like you I worried. My history was that I bled with each of the miscarriages at an early stage, although I lost the latest at 10.5 weeks. My first full term pregnancy was uneventful, and this time I have had no bleeding.

If the tests have all come back normal, it's probably nothing to do with you (mine were normal too including genetic tests), just that something went wrong in the develoment of the foetus, and if you think about how intricate the process is, it's not really surprising that this can happen. I think that sometimes (probably quite often) that's all it is and although it is distressing to miscarry there is every chance that the next one will be absolutely fine.

{FYI I took chinese herbs pre pregnancy and in the early stages with DS1 and this time, which I didn't do with any of the miscarriages. No way of knowing if it helped really!)

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