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confused by scan and dates.

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evs34 Wed 20-Aug-08 08:22:06

please help. i thought i was 7 weeks going by my lmp but was scanned yesterday - all they could see was a gest sac of 4-5 weeks, no embryo obvious yet. is the scan based on lmp for dates or is it totally separate. i have coonvinced myself that i have had a missed miscarriage. rescanning in 2 weeks but feel awful now. cannot find anything in the books. dont want to keep a glimmer of hope as will just be gutted again in 2 weeks if nothing has changed. thanks x

SpandexIsMyEnemy Wed 20-Aug-08 08:42:57

hello there, some times it's possible to have concieved later in your cycle than when you thought, if you are not sure on when you OV, so from that POV it is quite possible to be approx 2 weeks out.

I know how hard this is, but i'd try not to worry too much - I have a friend who went for a scan at 12 weeks only to be told she was 9 and went on to have a healthy baby.

the scan usually goes on the size of the embro, in the usual circs, or size of the fetous.

woose Wed 20-Aug-08 08:59:10

This happened to me. I went for an early scan at about what I though should be 7 weeks and they said it was 4-5 weeks and they could only see a sac. I thought they may be able to see the heartbeat, but no. I was so worried because I had just had a mc and was having pains like I had done before. Like you I had to wait and get re-scanned. That time they saw the heartbeat, and everything has been fine. I am 35 weeks now, and the baby is smaller now than it should be.

I must have conceived later in the month than I thought because we didn't even try during my so called fertile period that month and I got pregnant. probably about day22 or something. All very confusing. I hope all goes well for you. The waiting is the worst isn't it.

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