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Worried about the QE2 Hopsital care in Hertfordshire!! Please help...... x

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Helley Tue 19-Aug-08 17:00:47

Hi all, I'm new to this bored so please bear with me.
I wanted to join as I know there was a similar thread posted a while back regarding hospital care in Hertfordshire and it's concerned me slightly as I'm receiving pretty crappy mat care at the moment.

I'm pregnant with my first baby and am taking everything in my stired considering I'm 16 weeks pregnant and have not been seen by a midwife yet at the hospital. I've had to wait 6 weeks to be given a date for my first appointment and now am having sit around for another 2 and half weeks before that date arrives, making me 18 weeks before actually seeing anyone!

Me and my bf decided to go private for a scan, just to make sure that everything was alright, which it is. But what is worrying me is the fact I've been palmed off with excuse after excuse everytime I've called up to chase them about my appointment and I'm supposed to be giving birth at this hospital who can't even sort out their basic admin!!

Has anyone had experienced of giving birth at the QE2 and would they advise I try to get transferred to the Lister Hospital in Stevenage?

Big thanks

Helley x

wilkos Tue 19-Aug-08 17:07:19

hello feeding baby at mo so can only do quick post but I had my dd at qe2 last year and it was brill.

lovely midwives, new clean delivery suite, and when things got a bit scary about a million doctors descended on the scene to right the problem. really fab experience

as for appointments I think hertfordshire pct are just crap. I had similiar probs, I think all the hospitals round here are pretty crap not just qe2

hope that helps for now chick, back later!

kgirl Tue 19-Aug-08 17:29:02

Hello my little sister was born at the QE2 but that was 18 years ago but everything went very well my mum had a CS and the midwives were lovely.
One of my friends had her DS at the Lister last june and was more than happy with the care she received.
I am also in hertfordshire but haven't had any problems with appointments but i'm being treated at the Rosie in cambridgeshire.
All I will say is that u need to be happy and comfortable with the care u are receiving if your not u are perfectly within your right to change.
Hope that helps.
K xx

Bettispaghetti Tue 19-Aug-08 18:24:45

I had both my children at QE2 (one 6 years ago and one 3 years ago) and couldn't fault their antenatal care and care during labour. I must admit the midwives on the ward left a lot to be desired once I was transferred round there.

I have since moved to a different health authority and am expecting dc3 and I have found that the antenatal care is lacking but thought it was just this health authority although looking at other posts, I think it's due to staff shortages and lack of funding.

do you have a community midwife you could talk to and try and find out what the delay is?

misdee Tue 19-Aug-08 18:28:55

go to the lister.

i live in WGC and hate the QE2. had dd1 there, never again!!

have had two dd's at lister with no issues and am booked in there for fourth delivery as well.

babypringle Tue 19-Aug-08 18:46:04

where about in herts are you? i live in bishops stortford and was given the option of the QE2, Princess Alexandra in Harlow or the Rosie in Cambridge.

Theochris Tue 19-Aug-08 19:15:48

Hi, I've not had personal experience of QEII but many friends delivered there and mostly seem happy with the experience.

I hope that this doesn't seem rude but why are you seeing midwives at the hospital? Do you have consultant led care? (even then it is usually shared care). Most women in our pct have a community midwife and only visit the hosp for scans/ a tour of the labour ward/ and possibly the occasional blood draw.

If you paid privately and let the pct know this through your GP or midwife you won't be offered a scan until 20 weeks. However you should have had a booking in apt at 8-12 weeks with your community midwife (the one attached to your GP) and then another apt at 16 weeks or so if I remember correctly.

I would contact your GP or at least the surgery and ask to be seen asap by your community midwife. Good luck

misdee Tue 19-Aug-08 19:49:18

theochris. here you have booking in/scan at 12 weeks, then they tell you to see community midwife or see the ones at the clinic.

all bar one of my appointments have been at the clinic at lister, but i have, well not special care needs, but just a bit complex with family history of heart problems etc.

Theochris Tue 19-Aug-08 22:19:22

Hiya, I'm just up the road at the Lister too misdee. I just assumed everyone had/wanted community care. I have it even though I also have consultant led care and I have found that the midwives are mostly great and can fit you in to see them when needed. I didn't realize you could be seen exclusively at the hospital, I stand corrected

In the case of the OP at 16 weeks having not been seen yet I would still contact your GP surgery and see if one of their midwives could fit you in. Good luck.

Helley Wed 20-Aug-08 10:09:10

thank you for all your comments!

I booked my appointment with the GP at 10 weeks and was told my information would be sent to the hosptial where someone would contact me to make an appointment to see a midwife. When I didn't hear anything, I called my doctors and they said I'd needed to called the hospital directly.

After calling the Antenatal department 3 times and being told that they were really short staffed and that they would get the appointment to me in the post when they could, I just assumed this was the normal process and service that was provided.

I haven't been offered any other midwife service and to be honest have no idea what kind of care I'm supposed to be getting as this is my first baby.

The hosptial nor the doctors know that I've even had the private I don't think that is a factor in this.

Helley x

Helley Wed 20-Aug-08 10:16:38

I live in Welwyn Garden City and my Surgery is Moors Walk near Panshanger.....


Theochris Wed 20-Aug-08 10:58:08

Helley, I think it's safe to say that you have had pretty poor service so far. When you do eventually see someone I would point out that to see a woman for the 1st time at 18 weeks is quite poor and not what the guidelines recommend (this should be in your mat notes, blue folder for QEII I think). I hope you get everything sorted, all the best of luck.

goingfor3 Wed 20-Aug-08 11:08:40

I had my baby at the QE2 13 weeks ago and was really impressed with the care I got. I miscarried there last year and was also very well looked after in A&E and on the gynae ward. For my last pregnancy I was very well monitored and wasn't made to feel a nusience even when I called labour ward at 20 weeks thinking I was in labour, they saw me straight away and told me they would rather I do that every night than sit at home worrying!

I would go to the ante natal clinc and ask them to make an appointment while you are standing there as you are already 18 weeks.

lilymolly Wed 20-Aug-08 11:14:22

My god that is appaling shock

I was seen at 5 weeks for booking in apt with comm mw at GPs surgery.
Had dating scan at 9 weeks as I wanted to have nuchal scan so the arranged dating scan a bit earlier.
Was admitted to hospital for hyperemesis @ 6 weeks and I can see a mw when ever I want to (within reason) or at least speak to one.

you also need to have all your bloods done for screening.

If I was you I would be bloody livid

You should also have at 16weeks the blood screening for downs syndrome too

Please please see someone and complain about this. I urge you.

I am disgusted at this I really am angry

lilymolly Wed 20-Aug-08 11:16:33

Helley ring hospital and ask to speak to the head mid wife, or alternativly call the PAL patient advice lliason which would be based in the hospital


Helley Wed 20-Aug-08 11:59:20

I have no doubt that the Midwife's at the hosptial are great, but are grossly over worked and understaffed which is not their fault if the funding is tight. I'd rather they be honest with me and say this and transfer me somewhere else!

I've just called me GP and she said that as standard, I shouldn't expect to see a community midwife until 25 weeks.

Lillymolly - Will call the hospital in a minute and see if I can get anything done. Thank you for your concern. I'm glad other people can see how crap this service has been!
My feeling is that I should wait until I go up to the hospital and judge for myself the level of care they can offer me and kick up a fuss to be moved if I think it's not up to standard.


misdee Wed 20-Aug-08 12:08:38

Helley, you are with the linked GP surgery to mine (peartree). i saw GP at 8 weeks, had booking in at lister at 11+ weeks inc scan done.
QE2 and lister have both just switched computer systems which is proving problems, i had to chase up my anti-d appointment, but lister seem better equipped IMO.

seeing community midwife at 25 weeks? eh?

i saw community midwife at 16weeks between my 11 weeks and 20 weeks appointment at the hos[pital.

lilymolly Wed 20-Aug-08 12:08:59

"I've just called me GP and she said that as standard, I shouldn't expect to see a community midwife until 25 weeks."

what a load of shite!! angry

what about all the sceening tests you should have?
what about fetal anomoly scan at 20 weeks

Oh boils my piss this type of care angry

lilymolly Wed 20-Aug-08 12:17:13

this is the standard care

Please read through this very carefully

kgirl Wed 20-Aug-08 12:32:47

Morning, not seeing a midwife until 25 weeks is completely unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I saw a midwife at 9ish week for booking in and I had to ring the hospital for 12 week scan then u see the midwife at 18 weeks mainly to have the 18 week bloods done all this was done with the midwife at the GP surgery.
So i presume u haven't had any bloods done?

Helley Wed 20-Aug-08 12:37:13

I can only guess that because I haven't been seen by the hospital yet, I'm not eligible to be seen my the community midwife? Who knows.....

Misdee - I can't believe we're with the same linked surgery and received such different levels of care. I've certainly taken on board what you've said about Lister.

It's so difficult when the professionals who are supposed to be guiding you through this don't give a sh*t!

Lillymolly - cheers for the NICE doc. I've printed it off already and will make sure I take it with me to my appointment.

Perhaps when I do go to the hospital for the first time, they'll do all my tests and scan? Do you think I should demand it?

Helley Wed 20-Aug-08 12:45:04

I've seen no NHS Midwife and had no screening tests done yet....

The only scan I had was when I went private because I couldn't bear to wait around for them to get their arses in gear and that was at 13 weeks!

misdee Wed 20-Aug-08 12:45:45

so you have had nothing done at all? do you have your green notes at all yet?

if you do, then on monday mornings, at the oak tee chidlrens centre on holwell road there is a drop in midwife clinic. i'm not sure its running atm, but will def be running next month once the kids are all back at school.

I am a stroppy cow, and refuse to go to the QE2 for anything if i can avoid it. have had too many badexpereicnes there, not just with maternity care and giving birth, i just dont view the whole hospital very favourably i'm afraid. wheni saw the GP to sort out booking-in appointment, i said i didnt want to go to the QE2 and wanted to go to Lister, they were fine about it.

Helley Wed 20-Aug-08 12:56:24

No, I don't even know what the green notes are.

I have no records at all. Literally, my appointment in a couple of weeks will be the first ever appointment where I meet a midwife and get things set up.

Whether they'll do the tests then, I'm not sure.

Going on my experience so far, I'm appauled by the QEII's lack of competents! I can see why you wouldn't want to back up there..... guess I'm learning my lesson the hard way.

misdee Wed 20-Aug-08 12:57:48

usually at booking in you will have your bloods etc done at the same time. prepare for a 1hour+ appointment.

they may do a scan then, but they may ask you to come back.

i am shock you havent seen anyone at all yet, thats terrible.

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