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Please help pregnancy insomnia

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beeny Tue 19-Aug-08 13:23:43

I am only 6 weeks pregnant and keep waking up at 3 or 4am.i am desperate please advise.

JessJess3908 Tue 19-Aug-08 13:41:18

Get a relaxation/hypno birthing CD to listen to when you're trying to get back to sleep?

whiteorchid Tue 19-Aug-08 13:55:51

Or try eating sth just before you go to bed? I had a theory that low-blood sugar was causing me to wake early (and v nauseated). A bowl of cereal before bed helped a bit.

PetitFilou1 Tue 19-Aug-08 14:02:14

Someone on our antenatal thread has tried reflexology which helped.

JessJess3908 Tue 19-Aug-08 14:14:01

Oh yes Whiteorchid's right - I often get up and grab something and that helps me get back to sleep. Try a banana, I think it's got something in it that helps you get back to sleep - works for me. Chocolate helps too, but is obviously very naughty..

I'm also burning lavender oil - but you're not allowed to do that til the very end of your pg.

beeny Tue 19-Aug-08 15:06:55

Thanks for advice didnt say anything earlier as trying to nap!

vogue1 Tue 19-Aug-08 16:29:07

Don't fight it. Relax, read a book, have a warm should help (it helped me and I was sleeping very well for the rest of my pregnancy).

beeny Tue 19-Aug-08 16:34:50

You are right am trying to fight it.

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