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insomnia....anybody out there who can help me?

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sailingduo Mon 18-Aug-08 20:13:56

I am 14 weeks pregnant and for the last 3 weeks have been wide awake and fully energised between 3 and 6am. With a full-time job and a 2 year old, I can't go on! I normally sleep great, this is a new one on me. Does anybody have any suggestions--have tried baths, camomile teas, hot milk, reading a book and lavender drops on the pillow..

expatinscotland Mon 18-Aug-08 20:15:18

i have it big style every pregnancy.

you tried Bach's Night Rescue Remedy or Bader Balm sleep stuff?

Hot milks works well, so does some yoga in hte morning and then yoga breating at night.

sailingduo Mon 18-Aug-08 20:18:33

Thanks for that expat...i am presuming they are safe in pregnancy?

Celery Mon 18-Aug-08 20:20:24

I use an insomnia hypnosis mp3 download. The first three times I listened to it, it didn't work, but it does now. I was sceptical, but it works!

expatinscotland Mon 18-Aug-08 20:34:29

Yeah, they're all right in pregnancy.

Celery, which download is this?

I must try it!

I am also aneamic - AGAIN - and feel even sleepier for it, so the insomnia is that much worse.

AnnVan Tue 19-Aug-08 03:24:44

Well, no need to tell anyone I'm having probs with insomnia! grin I'm so tired! 38+3 with DC1.

Verso Tue 19-Aug-08 03:58:37

Me too! >waves< I'm 24w5d with DC2. Sometimes I don't mind too much - it's nice and quiet at this time in the morning - but if I have a big day ahead then I need my sleep!

sunshine185 Tue 19-Aug-08 07:21:26

hi sailingduo, i too have a 2 year old and had major insomnia until about 18 weeks when it passed so there is hope... i work too and somehow i managed with little sleep, i guess it's all the sleep deprivation training from when ds was younger! wink making up for it now though and trying to get as much in before ds2 arrives!! if you can try get some afternoon naps in on the weekend...

mum2bagain Tue 19-Aug-08 07:46:53

hi, i'm 35 + 1 and had not had a good night since last Thursday. I feel sorry for everyone around me. But, I woke up this morning at 7am having obviously slept and could have gone a few more hours. I made sure I did nothing an hour before I went to bed and I left all the windows in the bedroom open. Even though it was cold, it made me snuggle up in the duvet which might have done the trick. Am going to do the same tonight. Or maybe I was just so god damn tired I had to sleep hmm

MiniMarmite Tue 19-Aug-08 09:54:38

Bath followed by reading and then DH massaging my feet with mandarin and lavender oil works for me...

SilkCutMama Tue 19-Aug-08 09:55:31

Have you considered reflexology?

pleasecutmygrass Tue 19-Aug-08 11:34:55

sailingduo - it may sound very simple and obvious but when I can't sleep I try to empty my mind, begin breathing deeply and steadily then start to count backwards very slowly from 100, picturing the numbers as I go along. Works every time!

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