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stretch marks

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potawitty Mon 18-Aug-08 15:20:51

i know theres nothing to be done about stretch marks but can anyone recommend anything to stop tjis infernal itching and stinging! bio oil seems to be helping with appearance but not with the discomfort! suddenly exploded with stretch marks a couple of weeks ago - previously had not a one! thought i was getting away with it lightly.

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Mon 18-Aug-08 15:23:13

I found a cool bath helped, but not for very long.

One good thing though, is once you are over this spurt of stretch marks, next time you're pregnant, the discomfort from them is very very little!

Doesn't help much does it? hmm

hanaflower Mon 18-Aug-08 15:26:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

potawitty Mon 18-Aug-08 15:26:22

well this is my second and has been no where near as pleasant as my first, so i think i'll stick at 2 wink but thanks anyway!

potawitty Mon 18-Aug-08 15:26:55

ah aloe vera! thanks will try it!

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Mon 18-Aug-08 15:27:20

MrsMattie Mon 18-Aug-08 15:27:20

Aloe vera gel in the fridge and then slapped on liberally when nice and cold - helps soothe them. Calamine lotion if they get very bad. Aqueous cream after the bath. Not too many hot baths.

potawitty Mon 18-Aug-08 15:28:55

thnak you thank you will try anything. What a cruel twist of fate getting them at 35 weeks into 2nd pregnancy! I know i'm a dwama queen!

MrsMattie Mon 18-Aug-08 15:30:44

I got them at 41 weeks sad I was so bloody smug about not having them up until then, too (arghh!!!).

JessJess3908 Mon 18-Aug-08 16:36:04

Mine all seemed to appear over night too - at about 35 weeks. think it might have been when baby turned head down. was gutted sad

Cold pot of aqueous cream seems to help with itching. Nightly tummy rub from DP with bio oil helps with appearance/mental health.

jennifer8055 Wed 20-Aug-08 05:52:46


I used to have pretty bad stretch marks and red scars around my belly region ever since I gave birth to my three kids.I had tried Vitamin E oil and cocoa butter which a number of people had recommended but unfortunately it didn't seem to work too well. My Doctor had even suggested that I go for a Tummy Tuck. I then recently read an article about a lady who supposedly got rid of her stretch marks using a particular cream. I tried it and it worked really well. It took a number of weeks but my stretch marks soon faded away. You can read the lady's article at the link below.

cheerfulvicky Wed 20-Aug-08 08:10:21

Yep, mine appeared late in pregnancy and are still getting worse now! (am 40+2) Calamine lotion is the only thing that helps the infernal itching, temporary but welcome relief even though it smells funny and makes the skin feel 'claggy' and sticky. Was only 79p from Boots

LadyThompson Wed 20-Aug-08 11:29:49

I'm 25 weeks, they haven't come in yet but I am guessing they turn up post 30 weeks??

Reecey Wed 20-Aug-08 11:36:26

Jennifer8055 - did you try the cream from the US or the one available Worldwide - I was very impressed by her results and yours so am desperate to start trying

lollipopmother Wed 20-Aug-08 11:37:26

Jennifer8055 - Where did you get the cream from, the article says it's only available in the US/Canada.

Alexa808 Wed 20-Aug-08 14:36:02

Put drops of mint oil in your body lotion. Cools nicely. And keep cream in fridge.

Alexa808 Wed 20-Aug-08 14:44:16

lollipop, if you're unable to get the cream, try Strivectin (white & pink carton). It's not cheap but works wonders. I have 2 friends who have successfully used it post baby. Excellent results. There's also an oil by Clarins which I plan on getting, too.

Honeymoonmummy Wed 20-Aug-08 23:37:25

Mine have also just exploded in the last week or so from having very minor marks (I'm 30 weeks now). I've been religiously rubbing bio oil from about 20 weeks but was doing it at the bottom of my tummy only and the stretch marks have appeared in the middle of my tummy! So if any of you are a first timer like me, get rubbing the middle of your tummy from early on!
JessJess3908, am very jealous that you get tummy rubs, DP can't stand the smell of bio oil!!

Alexa808 Thu 21-Aug-08 03:12:12

bio oil is particularly good AFTER getting stretch marks. I cannot comment on its usefulness as a protective agent. Would probably refer you top a yellow Clarins oil for pre-stretchmark treatment.

LeonieD Thu 21-Aug-08 08:11:29

Message withdrawn

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