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SPD - eight months after birth

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ellabellasmum Mon 18-Aug-08 13:20:05

Am desperately seeking some advice/reassurance from anyone who's had SPD continuing after birth. Boy babe - second child - is eight months today (big sister is three) and the pelvic dysfunction that rendered me bedridden from 20 weeks still persists. Every time I think I'm getting back to normal, I seem to get a flare up and have to rush to physio to be manipulated again/ spend hours on floor/ exist with hot water bottle clutched to back.
Am beginning to feel v bleak about it all. Babe is big - 98th centile ; breastfed - refuses bottle or formula ; and still waking many nights. Will stopping the feeding miraculously make it better (less relaxin) and what else can I do to help? Do physio-pilates exercises every night but my ideal of swimming regularly not possible with two children/husband doing long hours and no family support. I feel like I'm letting down my hugely active daughter as my inability to walk masses when I have a flare up means she doesn't get out to the park/out for days as much as I'd like. I want to pick her up, swing her around and run races with her, like other mums, but just can't do that.
Any practical advice would really help.

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