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Irritable Uterus after stoppage of pre-term labour

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twinmomma Mon 18-Aug-08 01:24:42

Hi everyone,

I ended up in hospital at 33 weeks and 3 days with what I though where intense braxton hicks contractions - turned out I was in pre term labour with my twins so they transferred me out to another hospital with a SCBU.

Was given Atosiban to stop the contractions after they discovered that I was dilated to 2 cm. They kept me in hospital for 4 days after confirmation that labour had stopped and told me that if it started again to come back.I lovd being at this unit as I was also 'kept in the loop' and was always able to get an answer to all my questions - even the irrational ones!!

At 34 weeks and 5 days I started having similar cramping and back pain so believed that I was starting again - went to a different hospital (the one where I am booked in rather then the unit that I was transferred out to) as I was at an antenatal class at the time and was told that although I was 1 - 1.5 cm dilated there was no change from previous episode and that what I was experiencing was probably 'irritable uterus' this would be fine with me if it didn't mean that I spend all of my time in agony with throbbing back pain - cramps in my leg lower and upper abdominal pain which can only be discribed as early labour without the dilation.

I will be 35 weeks and 4 days tomorrow and I still haven't seen a consultant at the hospital where I am booked in despite specifically booking and appointment last week to see her- I am constantly given conflicting information and advice from a range of different doctors (both registrars and sho's) and would like some answers in regards to my care.

Babies keep changing position from caphalic to breech and no one will tell me if I will have a natural labour or an elective c-section. I also want to know if they can induce me now as I can't stand being in constant pain and being a recluse stuck in the house afraid to go out in case I am on my own somewhere with no help and something happens - has anyone else been through this? Has anyone any advice for me?

PetitFilou1 Mon 18-Aug-08 09:10:16

No answers for you but bumping for you...

Have you tried the 'pregnant with twins or more' thread in the antenatal bit

I wouldn't have thought they will induce early as the longer your twins are in there the better for them - they would need help with breathing at this stage (I know twins do normally come early anyway though)

A couple of people on the August antenatal thread have been 'in labour' for several weeks in the way you describe. I think it has been pretty miserable for them - so you have my sympathies.

You could also google irritable uterus as there are support groups on the net (I've looked it up myself as I've been having BH since 15 weeks this time)

becaroo Mon 18-Aug-08 13:16:39

You have my sincere sympathies sad

I have had irritable uterus now since I was 33 weeks and it is making life very unpleasant.

I have a scan and antenatal appointment today to discuss things as I have one or two other problems as well (my baby doesnt seem to know which way to lie either!).

Can you ring the unit you were transfered and ask to be seen there? You seemed to like it and they treated you well.

I have been told that at the first sign of pains, I have to go in and be monitored. Am rather shocked they arent doing the same for you as you are carrying twins.

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Mon 18-Aug-08 14:44:45

I had an irritable uterus from 33+6 in my last pregnancy, and am now 20 and starting with it again (though it is only very slight at the moment).

You do have my most heart felt sympathies because I remember well just how hellish it was. The only thing that kept me going (and this sounds really OTT and a bit hmm but...) the only thing was MN. I had a 'Am I in labour?' thread (and it's sequels) running for weeks! Along with some other worries I had going on at the time, it all leaded to pre-eclampsia and I was finally induced at 41 weeks.

IME they won't induce for the IU alone, but maybe with your other circumstances they might do so at 37-38 weeks.

I would ring the unit you were transfered to, it sounds like you were happy with their care.

FWIW as well, I was told to go to hospital when the contractions became painful/regular, but I had to use my nogging a bit and realised after not too long that for all the contractions nothing was actually happening, else I'd have been at the hospital constantly - the contractions didn't stop for days on end, then I'd maybe have a couple of hours break, and then they'd start again.

rainbowdays Mon 18-Aug-08 20:43:19

I symapthise with you greatly. Never had twins but did have pre-term labour and irritable uterus with two of my pregnancies. Ended up in and out of hospital with them both and remember well the feeling with the first of being a trapped recluse. I could not walk more than about 50yards before the contractions would start, and towards the end of the pregnancy trying to walk to keep the contractions strong (had to stop with the contractions as they were too painful), but all it did was exhaust me as the baby was clearly not ready to make an exit!

With my 3rd pregnancy when the irritable uterus started I wasmuch more aware of what triggered the contractions or made them worse. Things like walking!!! or not drinking enough fluids. But most of all I tried to keep my mind occupied with things other than the baby and got as many people as possible to be available to keep me company going out in the car etc

I am sorry I don't know the answers regarding twin pregnancy and early induction options, but I am sure that people on the twins board might be able to help with that.

Hope it all goes well whatever happens.

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