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2nd time pg - aching stomach muscles normal?

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bethdivine Sun 17-Aug-08 21:02:42

I'm about 7wks pg with my 2nd, since yesterday, my stomach muscles have been absolutely agony, as if I've been doing crunches all day (I imagine anyway - having never done crunches!) - upper stomach mostly. Did anybody else get this 2nd time? My waist is already up 4" in the 2wks since I got my BFP, I have read you show sooner with second as everything has already been stretched, but didn't expect any aching! any advice? TIA.

livismum Mon 18-Aug-08 08:52:30

Hi ya i am 10wks with my 2nd and i have had really bad aching and sharp twinges, also look huge esp in evening!

Been to see GP who wasnt bothered! said as long as it wasnt intense constant pain it was just everything growing and stretching, also mentioned it to midwife last week at booking in and she wasnt bothered either!

I dont recall having anything like it with DD (3 1/2) so it is scary, i found it worse at the end of the day esp if i get up too quickly a sharp pain shoots, and when its aching i want to walk round holding my little bump!

Hopefully ive only got couple of weeks before scan, sorry u have longer! But just wanted to let you know ur not alone and i have spoke to others with varying degrees of pain too!

Hope that reassures u a little! xx

marywalf Tue 19-Aug-08 17:03:39

I'm 21 weeks with my 2nd (DS is 18 months) and was fine until about 3 days ago - but now all the muscles/ligaments around the bump extremely sore and achey. Am having trouble walking for more than a couple of minutes! Also, my ribs have got really achey and if I cough or sneeze feel like I'm going to crack something. Not pleasant.

Was a bit alarmed how suddenly this all seemed to appear and don't remember anything like it first time round (even though first baby measured v large from 18 weeks onwards). However, saw midwife today who says it's just stretching and growing pains and just bad luck that they are so sore. Suggested I try to pick up DS as little as possible - instead said to sit down and let him climb up me!

I sympathise...

Hope it gets better rather than worse, for all of us.

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