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Gender scan

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FRAGGLE06 Sun 17-Aug-08 13:22:25


I am pregnant with my second baby. I had a horrible experience at Chelsea and Westminster. Going to Kingston this time. Does anyone have experience of Kingston?
Also do you know their policy on revealing gender at the 20week scan?


star6 Sun 17-Aug-08 15:16:11

hi fraggle06. I'm having my baby at kingston. BUMP as I want to know about others' experiences at kingston, too!
As for the gender scan - I'm 32 weeks now, at 21 weeks, I had my routine scan and told sonographer that i wanted to know the sex and she told us! They have signs posted that say if your baby is not in the correct position to see the sex, they will not do anything extra to move it around to see for you, but they have to get it to move a bit so they can see the whole heart, spine...etc. that they end up seeing the bits anyway We had to leave the room, walk around and come back to get baby going a bit. SHE was really, really nice and as soon as we said we would like to know the sex, she looked for it for us She was very nice!!

There's one sonographer there though, who we had at 12 weeks, who was clearly unhappy with her job and found no joy whatsoever in it. She was grumpy and expected me to know exactly what to do/how close to her to lay...etc... I had no idea... we left there really horrified that time.

FRAGGLE06 Sun 17-Aug-08 16:27:00

Thanks Star6, i'm even more excited now, if that's possible!

star6 Sun 17-Aug-08 19:03:29

bump! maybe you should have made the title "any experience with kingston hospital?"

FRAGGLE06 Sun 17-Aug-08 20:25:54

Took your advice, let's see what happens.

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