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do you have to let them know in advance if you want a water birth?

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mum2bagain Sun 17-Aug-08 12:46:25

I've not decided as to whether a pool birth is for me yet. 35 weeks tomorrow. Would I have to let the hospital or m/w know if I'm thinking of having one. I'm presuming I can only use it if its free too, so I might not make my mind up till I get there. I'm hoping the birth will be quite quick as my last was only 4 hours from start to finish, it is my 4th, and I hear this is the most difficult for some people. I can't see how, is this true? and why?

Pruners Sun 17-Aug-08 13:07:46

Message withdrawn

MrsTittleMouse Sun 17-Aug-08 13:43:46

I've had experience of two different hospitals (MLU/birthing centres) and in each you can't let them know in advance. You can have it in your notes that you are interested in a water birth, so that they are primed when you arrive, but most (all?) units don't have enough rooms with pools, so it's first come, first served. There is no booking it in advance as you don't know when you'll go into labour. If it's a fast birth then the only problem that you might encounter is that you will have delivered by the time the pool is full and the right temperature - it's a big pool and can take a long time to fill.

sleeplessinseatle Sun 17-Aug-08 14:44:09

I'd discuss it with your midwife in advance, as they have noted in my green file that it is something I want, and that there has been nothing in pregnancy that would suggest it wont be suitable.

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